Disappointed in Sim Update 5

Yeah I would want a rollback too. Performance was OK in most areas and it looked a lot better

graphics are not ruined at all for me and a lot of others on lower spec machines.
on the contrary, great update.

General Options > Accessibility > Turn off all Tootips

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Thanks - pretty sure I did that already, but I’ll try turning them back on / off.

It feels generously improved for those with last gen(s) cards.

For anyone with current cards, this definitely feels like MULTIPLE steps back… Like WAY back.

What I don’t understand is why both can’t be accommodated???


Does anybody have an idea what’s the reason for the flickering at the top of the video? It appears when I move the camera, but also slightly when I don’t. Never seen it before the update…

Lighting and overcast colors and saturation definitely took an unnecessary hit. It looks awful.

Before (SU4)

After (SU5)


That’s one of the many many many new bugs introduced with Sim “Update” 5.

So you have the same issue? Surprisingly I haven’t seen it in any recent video on youtube.

I saw that issue posted in this thread yesterday somewhere so yes I’ve seen it with SU5.

I found that this bug occured when I pushed my render scale slider in VR above 100 - ie 105.
See if that is your problem or not?

It was the first thing I noticed along with stuttering:

My biggest issue with the update is that I can’t do VFR anymore…

That’s my favorite type of flight to do, low and slow navigating with a chart… But now I can’t tell what’s in front of me few miles ahead since unless I’m on top the area everything else is incredibly low res and blurry.

I came to land in an airport with multiple strips and I swear I just couldn’t read the numbers on the runways…

I am on all ULTRA btw 1440p.


Fixed it. But still, bugs like that shouldn’t happen… anyway, thanks!

Got a leaked about Sim Update 6…


That Concorde flying over Rio De Janeiro is beautiful.

They need to reverse the visual downgrades for PC users, asap. It’s not a good experience anymore to fly VFR or just cruising in general. Let users decide through conventional setting adjustments to determine their visual fidelity to FPS performance. Not have it decided for us. Perhaps the new allocations of CPU and GPU usage will be more than enough for some to increase FPS. No need for decreased visuals.


Ever since this update my sim crashes every 30 minutes. I can’t do a single flight. Anyone find a fix?

on lower spec machine…why they have to ruin my experience instead?

I am getting a very smooth performance in VR but the view keeps sticking for a few seconds have to keep shaking my head to get it to catch up other than that its ok.

i9 - Nvidia 3090 - 64gb mem and Reverb G2