Discontinuities on flight plan after I get the route

This is from the flybywire the mcdu always even put sid and star have discontinuities , is not about to erase the discontinuities see the YouTube video if I do something wrong .
Thank you.

That’s quite normal, just click CLR and then click on the LSK for the discontinuity.

Discontinuities are not a bad thing. Some arrivals and departures end on a heading or course to be flown vs flying direct to the next waypoint after the last fix. If you delete the discontinuity, the airplane will fly from the last fix to the next waypoint. If playing in the sim for fun, discontinuities can be deleted. If using an ATC service, or in the real world, we do not delete discontinuities before determining if they are needed or not. Discontinuities differentiate the segments of the route in the FMS. Departure-Enroute-Arrival. If there is a discontinuity between the last point of the enroute phase and the arrival, that disco can be deleted. Here is a video I made on entering a route into the FMS. The CJ4 is used, but I talk about discontinuities and the concept is the same regardless of the FMS/FMC being used. Citation CJ4 FMS/FMC Tutorial - AAU1 - Microsoft Flight Simulator - Part 1 (youtube.com) You can skip to around the 2 minute mark where discontinuities are discussed.


Amazing, I’ve been struggling with this so much as I learn, this response was very helpful

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This wont work for me. I always get a discontinuity right after the departure airport that I cannot clear no matter what I do. So I always just “wing it” and figure it out once airborne as I haven’t found a way to get rid of it. Hitting the clear button does nothing.

Select the waypoint after the discontinuity and place it on top of the discontinuity.


That doesn’t work on Airbus, only Boeing.

Works for me :slight_smile: I’ve added a video in a little to show it on the airbus A320 Neo v2. And yes I can definitely not say discontinuity :slight_smile:

Are you adding the departure to your simbrief flight plan? Even if you’re not using a SID you still need to add the departure runway.

Whether you just add the runway or runway and SID there will often be MANUAL followed by DISCONTINUITY. You have to delete (CLR) the MANUAL step first before deleting the DISCON.

Is you Flight Plan track a solid or dashed green line on the ND? A dashed line indicates an incomplete FP and NAV won’t work initially.

You can use direct to the first waypoint regardless and then it should continue in NAV mode.

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Yeah, I know that, thanks. I do it like you do. I always use SID/STARs if available. When I enter the FP, the discontinuity will be there until I enter the SID, then I will see MANUAL which I can erase. However sometimes even after entering the SID, immediately after the airport the next fix is a discontinuity that I cannot CLEAR. I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks.