Discrepencies between Pilot profile, Logbooks, Steam, Statistics pages.. How to fix? No Dev mode used

If anyone could help me trouble shoot this, that would be amazing :slight_smile:

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The number of hours are not reflected correctly between Steam, and my in-game statistics pages. This happened every since I changed my password around February 7th, seems like that’s my oldest flight in the logbook, but I have flown in the sim since release. Even the seconds flown at 68k seconds is around 19 hours, and my profile says 9 hours? Steam has the game logged at 77 hours, and I’m sure half that is the download, however all my flights and logs are missing since I updated my password and the game made me re-log in February.

You can even see I have achievements in the beginning of September, however the game refuses to see anything before Feb 7th??? Also note that in the achievements shot it says I have 53 take-offs, but on the logbook it says I have 18 only, somehow all my data is missing from release - Feb 7th

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i5 4690k, 24g Ram, AMD rx580 8g version

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