Discussion: April 1st, 2021 Development Update

Has anyone experienced the Zinertek Enhanced Airport Graphics update? Looks neat and am wondering if it’s worth the money. Struggling to find much opinion on it.

How noticeable are the changes?

(Genuine question here, I’m interested, not being sarcastic, I’m just not a gamer so have no knowledge of this)

Which other games that rely on online data streaming provide an open beta for all users to participate in, rather than a closed beta with a dedicated beta server and therefore limited capacity?

Also, whats the issue with the horizon line and POI LOD, I haven’t noticed those? As for trees, haven’t they’ve stated that they will be working on Tree density over the next sim updates 4 + 6? And isn’t that a bit of a marmite issue (some people hate it some people don’t mind it?)

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Any EVE Online player can log onto the test server which is near-always available and used for players to try out and give feedback on new features; and sees developers invite players to stress-test features during events there.

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That’s really interesting! looks like they have very similar number of online users compared to FS2020 too, according to steam stats…

Sounds like a great way to test. I wonder what’s stopping Asobo / MS from operating a beta programme like that…

Edit: oh but after reading, it does look like a much more lightweight game in terms of PC power, though… don’t you download the whole game to your PC and then just stream the multiplayer element? bit like world of tanks? so the FS2020 beta would work in a very different way I assume, as you’re streaming most of the scenery from the FS2020 servers?

So it seems like asobo / microsoft offering a beta version to everyone might not be as easy or obvious as we might suppose, outside looking in as we are…

I hate to be critical and I hope that MS take this as helpful criticism but I don’t find the development roadmap very informative or useful. Now, of course, MS is under no obligation as a “game” publisher to share it’s development plans with it’s customers. Most other game developers do not. However, if you are going to call it a development roadmap it should be more than looking in the rear view mirror. We know what has been done in January, February and March. And the only information shared about April is that World update 4 will be released. Perhaps this is just a “Marketing” Roadmap. Either call it that that or lay out a longer term (i.e. 6-12 month) view of what the devs are focusing on.


Racing Sims rely on Online Data to a certain extent, although not “streaming” that is neither here nor there when it comes to a basic Beta Testing program, MMORPGS utilise “Live” severs and have had far better Beta Programs in the past (Elite Dangerous for example) so again it’s not like Asobo/Microsoft wouldn’t of known about them, begs the question why leave it so late to start one when it’s so blatantly obvious that a Game/Sim of this magnitude neds one from the very beginning.

As for the Horizon Line bug:

and the POIs LOD issues, which this thread shows Asobo exactly how to fix their problem, simply fly to the White Cliffs of Dover/Devils Tower and you’ll see what the issue is:

The Tree LOD has been dramatically altered and is an issue, like above perfect examples of things that are broken then left to rot for months until a fix eventually comes along. IMO when a new Bug surfaces via a Patch then that Bug should be prioritised very highly, not left for ages with little to no sign of being fixed - hence my dislike at the Bug management part of the Sim, amongst other areas!

Woo hoo. More arrogance and superiority from the “community”


I assume the Development Roadmap has become somewhat stagnant lately because they are still restructuring their internal schedules. In the 4 February version, Sim Update 4 and a new Feature Discovery series episode were scheduled for late April.

But now we know that Sim Update 4 has been combined with World Update 5, which means many of their plans have changed. The roadmap should be updated when their new schedules are finalised.

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SU4 has been combined with WU5? Where did they tell us that? I must not be paying attention.

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In the latest Developer Q&A, they said that this is due to their effort to reduce the amount of internal branches (currently they have over 30 internal builds). You can read about that and more information from the last Q&A in the official agenda.

QA on releases:
Jorg > Monthly updates require a lot of work and right now we are also working on Xbox. We made the decision of combining Sim Update 4 and World Update 5 to reduce the number of builds we are doing.

Well that’s good news but it’s not very clear from the roadmap. So people being recruited for the WU5 testing will also be testing SU4?

Right now they are recruiting for World Update 4, we don’t know what their plans for the next beta branch are, but we can presume that this branch will feature both updates. Sim Update 4/World Update 5 could be pushed to June now, and this section of the roadmap will be appended in late April.

What am I missing here - the development roadmap above doesn’t match the blog post - which shows WU4 scheduled for mid April rather than the end of April? Can only assume things are going to get worse as the Xbox release date approaches.

Edit: Another 4 weeks of absolutely miserable performance and bugs, without actually knowing if they’ll actually be fixed in the next release.

I second this a 100%. Ideally, we have a public issue tracker that documents the current state of things and allows people to subscribe and comment on (already filed) bugs. The development updates basically don’t tell anything.

The development snapshot could be improved by providing the top bugs fixed (and pending release), feature being worked on, etc…

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Thank you for the massive refresh of the VR feedback snapshot.

Please note the following correlations though:

Bug (problem) Wishes (solution)
4. VR-Overexposed 3. Provide Color Space, Tone Mapping etc…
4. VR-Overexposed 6. Can you please add a “Sun Glasses” mode
4. VR-Overexposed 6. Implement a Metering System Better Suited for VR
9. Ambient Night Lighting Illuminates more than Full Moon 6. Implement a Metering System Better Suited for VR
10. VR Mouse - Right Eye needs to be fixed 8. Dominent Eye and Mouse Cursor Position

In addition, I’d like to pass these comments because some of the bugs and wishes are technically less complex and most likely easier to solve and implement more rapidly than what the snapshot is indicating:

Bug Comment
1. Increase Distance Threshold to See Aircraft Lights This was increased for 3D mode previously, it might just be the threshold value have not been propagated back in the VR pixel shaders and/or VR code. I understand 2021-22 is conservative but this doesn’t look like a very complex fix either?!
7. Propellers and Reprojection There are mods already for most aircraft and the solution to this is to make sure the alpha value in the texture doesn’t go above a certain threshold. It seems 25% alpha is working but this should be easy to try out with a set of textures with varying alpha, and establish which threshold is working with WMR, with SteamVR and with Oculus.
Wishes Comment
2. Cockpit Size and World Scale in VR It is basically setting up a translation matrix based on a UI slider, and then do a matrix mul per eye… nothing more.
6. Can you please add a “Sun Glasses” mode It is basically reducing exposure in the existing Tone Mapper by 1 or 2 stops… nothing more either. (no need for displaying a pair of glasses in 3D in front of the eyes for example)
13. Render Sun with Fading Disk when Bloom is Disabled In lieu of a reduced version of the Bloom shader which would be working only on the sun pixels (hard to separate this from the rest because the bloom is a whole screen shader), a simple Sun with blooming light texture overlay would probably give enough visually pleasing results.

I’d like to also mention this topic is both a bug and a wishlist item:

Wishes Comment
12. TAA is Transforming Road Traffic into Ghosts This is a bug because moving cars are not displaying as expected, but it is a Wishlist as well because it requires enhancing the TAA algorithm. If I were to be describing the process in “simple” terms, the result would look like computing the cars motion vector pixels separately and subtracting them from the overall scene motion vector pixels.

I have it. They are subtle improvements, but I can see the difference. I’d recommend it.

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I have this enhanced add-on since the first date of release and I really like it. It transforms almost all default textures to real-looking level.

The only cons for 3rd party I see is for some ORBX airports like KSJC, the transfomation looks worse than original (so I suppose ORBX use very much default textures from Asobo for their sceneries)

Funny how posts like this don’t get flagged by the community but two different posts get flagged for daring to say that we the community are the beta testers.

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Cool. Good to know re some 3rd party airports. Most of my flights are to far-flung corners, so if anything it sounds like the mod will give airports there more character.

Hi Ghostly Frend

I didn’t mean to offend anyone,but it is called Flight SIMULATOR,
so why not chose simmers with a lot of experience?
The release version was unusable for big bird pilots,or?