Discussion: February 4th, 2021 Development Update

Where I come from, “should” is not a promise. It’s on the list of bug fixes for the next patch, according to the Q&A, so we should be thankful for that. But if you want to keep looking back, you go right ahead.

I know. I was a Kickstarter backer, and Alpha tester for ED. I even have a named star system. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You are comparing a product that was released in 2014, to one released at the tail end of 2020. I’m glad you like ED, I tried my best. :joy:

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With all the talk about bugs not being fixed, while new features are introduced which only produce more bugs (in particular VR), it is interesting how Blender (the open source 3Dmodelling/animation app) have tackled similar problems - see for example Tracker Curfew — Blender Developers Blog, and Tracker Curfew Wrap Up — Blender Developers Blog.

One good quote from this:
To wrap up the Tracker Curfew and deliver a more stable Blender 2.83 the entire development team will work for the next two weeks on a bugs fixing sprint.

They do seem to have taken bug-fixing seriously, and dedicate effort to it even at the expense of slowing future development. I personally think this would be a good example for Asobo to follow.

I don’t know where to start with a reply, seriously.

There is nothing wrong with “teaching” people using FSX. Where did I say otherwise? You claim my logic of calling it a game is “incorrect”, yet you provide no evidence to the contrary. Just because aviation professionals use it in an educational context does not mean it has regulatory approval.

The word “simulator” has many uses. That in itself has no bearing on how accurate or physically correct the simulation is. Ever heard of a game called Surgeon Simulator? Or Goat Simulator? How accurate are American Truck Simulator or Car Mechanic simulator? Are those highly professional training tools because they are called simulators?

Simulator is a category not a hallmark of physical accuracy. FAA approval for ATDs has sometimes little to do with physical accuracy, as you can clearly see in the case of ESP and P3D. I know what ESP is and how it relates to P3D.

It feels a little tiresome to be talked down to like that, but I appreciate your efforts with posting links and all that. What entities like ProSim do in another realm of software is great, that does not preclude them to release something on an entertainment platform like FS2020. The are openly discussion the limitations their A320 has using FS2020.

I would have underlined that ELITE ALTURA excerpt differently. Note the terms “home flight simulator market” and “K-12 school programs”.

I am not sure why you make it your mission to defend FS2020 from being called a game. You can buy it in the XBox store for crying out loud. Don’t get so worked up over semantics. Simulator and game are not mutually exclusive categories. While FS2020 is a simulator, it is also a game.

And thank you, I sleep very well calling it a game. Because I have no negative connotation associated with that term whatsoever, rather the opposite. Something that obviously bothers you for some reason.


I sincerely apologise if you thought I was talking down to you, which I guarantee was never my intention. If you scroll down to the bottom of my response to you (which you did and duly noticed), I even wished you a good sleep at night. If I was talking down to you I wouldn’t be wishing you that :smiley: So…points taken, and I again apologize if you were offended by something I said.


More often than not, landside ground textures are left in low-resolution to keep performance up, since exploring the landside area with the camera isn’t exactly the primary purpose.

Not everyone does that, but it’s pretty common for optimization (and less work).

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So you’re telling me that the developers can’t add on or fix the micro stuff that the community has fixed? Hogwash. Of course they could. And should if they are getting paid. You’re letting them off the hook too easy. They’ve made millions off this thing. We should expect more.

Thank you. You are correct!!

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I you listened to the Q & A, they said concerning contrail\smoke on touch down, they will try to make it on Sim Update 3 but remain some bug, if it’s not on Sim update 3 (March 4), will be on Sim update 4 for sure (April 29)

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What does it mean when an issue is “Started” but in the “Backlog”? (coastline glitch)

Does it mean someone’s working on it but the release date is unknown (TBD), or did they start, but then it was backlogged because no time?

If I were to guess, the issue was added to the backlog when it was first reported but is now being worked on.

I checked back and looks like it’s been in the same state since it first appeared on the list, 7th of January.

“Started” means they are actively working on it and “backlog” means they don’t have an ETA yet to add. In this instance it could probably say something more like “TBD” since it is started.


Is there any difference between “Not Started” and “Planned”? Both statuses seem to have either a specific year or the backlog listed as release date, so they seem kind of similar to me.

My undestanding is that planned means the issue has been looked at, but it is either still at the planning stage, or it has finished planning, but a scheduled release date hasn’t been set.

Not Started means they haven’t really looked into the issue yet.

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Stated or non-stated…please ask de devs each time you have the chance to fix the performance, stutters, low fps and crashes even on most powerful specs. This should be a priority particularly in VR. Very little has been done lately and adding features, developing areas, etc will not better this sim…

Your explanations regarding their differences could be right, if you swap them between the two. Since turboprop logic and ATC improvements are slated for Sim Update 4 and are marked as “Not Started” it probably means they’ve decided what they are going to do but haven’t started the actual implementation. Meanwhile “Planned” probably means that they do not know exactly how to approach the issue or feature request yet, but want to do something about it.

The scheduled dates probably don’t influence the status of the request though. Several “Planned” items are either slated for release in 2021-2022 or exist in the backlog, and it’s the same thing for “Not Started” items.

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That 's my take, for sure

I agree, they don’t, but it’s a good sign it’s coming when it has a release target date!

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can we please focus on hotfixing bugs as per the large community feedback rather than focusing on a few castles in the UK and some statue scenery in Scotland perhaps??


The people people working on the world updates are not the same team that fixes bugs. You don’t want a graphical artist to try and fix bugs with the autopilot do you?

Asobo employ more than 4 people, and have different people with different skillsets for different jobs, go figure.


My point is more about communication and understanding some of the frustrations that the community is facing, taking into account the initial pricing point of around £60-£120 and that a 6-month time period has now elapsed since launch, and we still don’t have a good working autopilot amongst many other major issues. You mention a good point, and perhaps that’s where the issue lies, a bigger development team is needed to focus on these problems rather than graphical artists?

Do you buy a new car and wait 6 months for the car manufacturer to fix the brakes whilst you drive it around a city?