Discussion: February 4th, 2021 Development Update

This week’s development update has been released:

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Appreciate the dev updates, per usual… but starting to really feel like none of the top bugs have been worked on from the snapshot. I can only go by what is shared in the snapshot, but literally no movement on almost all of them. Even contrails is now “will be in a few updates” when it sounded like it was ready to go now!

I know several are happy w/ the world updates and London getting done, but why can’t the bugs get more love and why doesn’t there seem to be any movement week after week on them?


There’s a Broch of Mousa already. I guess it’s all about the rocks this time.

Liverpool isn’t looking too crisp compared to the payware version.

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I have to confess I’m a bit disappointed no Irish airports will be getting any love this update, tbh I wish we could see more of Ireland as a whole, sorta feels like it was an afterthought this update with how its being displayed.


I am curious about this as well. When MS/Asobo writes “in a few updates” are they referring to Sim Updates? Those seem to be released every 2 months, so are contrails still 2-4-6 months out? If it was meant for next sim update I am sure they would have said that instead of “in a few”.


At least they will come - but the mirrored textures issue are still denied to be fixed and even the 747-8 is still written as “787-8” in the feedback snapshot…


Hope someone respects the 787 and resolves those unrealistic bugs.
So the 787 will have its name back on Flight Simulator.


Ones would thing but my guess is they’re running to the wire and clearly haven’t built the video yet (probably waiting for all the bugs to be fixed)

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Does anybody have an idea that why ASOBO is not listing TCAS on the wishlist ?

Am I wrong or trains are more important than a TCAS feature on a flight sim ?

Kind regards.

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Contrails, better night lighting, photogammetry fixes, lod fixes, atc fixes, AI fixes, autopilot fixes, what else won’t be fixed anytime soon. Feeling discouraged.


I hope in their eagerness to provide another world update, they don’t forget all of the little problems and annoyances that we’ve been talking about for a while now too. Photogammetry, LOD, night lighting, visual icing, autopilots, not too mention issues with VR, developing the SDK and yadda, yadda.

I’m happy to fly around the UK or Japan or the US to enjoy the photogammetry- but it never works, unless you’re right on top of the scenery. So with all of this eye-candy, it’s all kind of moot if buildings look melted.

Flying jets in the winter is like being inside of an ice cube, the night lighting has been in the works for a while now, along with the numerous lingering issues with the autopilot (vnav, routes, etc) too. I know some of these things have been discussed, along with the host of other little annoyances that don’t seem to go away.

My question is how long will we have to wait for those fixes too?


I’m looking forward to flying the skies and airports of Ireland as well. I second your desire for some update attentions, and hope they come soon. A virtual trip via MSFS is a singular opportunity for a visit. There are surely many others who are making similar plans. :blush:

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Yes the “contrails thing” confused me also. Maybe we can get here an enlightening statement?

This product is not a charity, it must generate revenue. I believe the idea of World Updates is aiming at generating sales in the impacted regions.
I only wonder how the cliffs of Dover will look like if the coastline glitch (status: Started/Backlog whatever such combination means) introduced by the World Update 2 USA (the ugly water triangles) will be still there. Great Britain is an island, a lot of opportunities for spoiling the costline visuals by this bug.


I agree with the sentiments here - whilst these World Updates are great, they really should devote some time to bug fixes now. Those can’t wait forever, World Updates will be an ongoing thing as well… Do they have separate teams working on Bugs vs Enhancements/Updates?

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What makes you think they aren’t? Did you have a bug in mind, in particular? It’s been mentioned numerous times elsewhere, that different teams work on different things, so those working on a world update, teams working with Bing for mapping data, those modelling the hand crafted objects to place in the updated scenery, such as airport buildings, landmarks etc. won’t be fixing bugs on the aircraft/avionics/weather, and so on.

They have a large team, no doubt, and the idea that entire teams are sitting on their hands waiting for a world update to be rolled out so they can finally start working on those bugs you mention just doesn’t ring true.


Looking forward to seeing what they’ve done with the clouds this update, seems like there will be some improvement!

MilViz wants to port an SR-71 into a simulator that does not support supersonic flight? That will be interesting. :nerd_face:

I’m a little worried about this month’s dev q&a, they may have run out of topics in 10 minutes.