Discussion: May 20th, 2021 Development Update

Please keep posts on Microsoft Flight Simulator and not on each other.


There were some insanely good pictures sent in to the “Movies” photo competition! And the winner totally deserved it - because, well, “James Bond” :sunglasses:

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I agree VR will not see any development anytime soon it’s a shame because it’s amazing and it most certainly needs help. The mountain modders are getting a hold of lidar data, some even at 1m RES is impressive. Can’t wait to see what the next sim update brings us.


I agree whole heartedly with this. Tell it like it is. Thanks.


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As indicated by the “the mountain modders” and the recent user developed helicopter, I think we really need to develop the scenery gateway and other means of the community development inside this forum directly. Currently I and others have to search the internet for useful addons. I think Asobo is approaching this sim too conservatively in fear the community will break something, but in reality they break things all the time .

If they developed an active community gateway, they could have the community test and fix things for them FREE. There are some very talented community members just waiting for the chance. In another flight sim which I once used, I was a very big contributor in airport development, but the SDK tools for this sim is abysmal and I would not touch it with a ten foot pole.
I think Asobo is shooting itself in the foot by not pursuing a way for the community to actively get involved and providing us with the tools to make this sim as awesome as it could be.

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I’d like to see Asobo fix the Longitude roll oscillation. I know there’s a mod for it, but I paid for a product from Asobo, and I expect them to give me a working simulation before they add extras to it.

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Longitude’s Mod should be made stock

I agree, the progress seems to be slowing down a lot. And your point about how much progress the community is making is bang on. I think other comments from people in this thread is likely correct regarding xbox development.

Really hope the next update will bring more stability. The last WU brought serious instability and ctd for me and my friends. Glad they are doing beta testing though.

Don’t know about your assumptions about conservatism, others argue 180 degrees from that, we as customers are exposed to an early release of an experimental development project. I assume Asobo employs motivated developers with good intentions, not all is dependent on the market and community outside Asobo, they provide big updates. I agree it’s not all positive… but keep in mind these things are not always developers choices, or even Asobo choices. This is a BIG project. Commercial goals of Microsoft are imposed on it (XBox) these are a risk, I’d choose to focus on the back bone in the first year, but I’m not a manager.

Indeed… it would be great if MSFS could evolve organically. Wait for the cloud, click download. Being a hobbyist myself, I find it astonishing how quick projects have emerged before I could even start to prototype things. Nowadays every country has its own flightsim.to style website with numerous addins for \Community. I think it is already happening.

Well some things can be done with the scenery SDK… if you just want to place Blender designs to get your screenshot with MSFS lighting and scenery around it… I’ve made a tutorial for placing artistic objects recenty,

I think airports is another ball game ! If you don’t like the ingame SDK menus, for building airports, you could try Jon’s tool,

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