Discussion: May 6th, 2021 Development Update

This week’s development update has been released:

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For several weeks the Bugs snapshot has been feeling somewhat clogged with all the “Partially Fixed” performance issues from Sim Update 3. Could they please be cleared from the list so that some new bugs can be answered?

I think they should be merged with “Dreadful Performance”. After all, the team have made it clear that optimisation is an ongoing process, and currently it is the only item tracking an active status as well as an upcoming release.


Glad that knowledgable people will be onbord for the next beta :ok_hand:


I feel they’re being a lot more responsive to community wishes / feedback recently. Keep it up Asobo!


Icing effect fixed (plus off)… now that confidence sounds promising, can‘t wait to finally fly in cold and wet weather :slight_smile:


Yep the whole communication has improved a lot, I think also due to and with Jayne.


Why have the beta group first come, first serve? The whole point of testing is to get a wide variety of test groups.

-Mixture of vendors of CPUs and video card manufacturers
-Minimum RAM vs max 16 vs 64
-Experienced real world pilots, new players that never have played before
-Long timers from day 1
-Different variety of hardware flight controls vs keyboard warriors

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That’s exactly what they are doing, they are hand-picking many testers this time, while the 300 open spots seem to be mostly supplementary.

In order to achieve these goals, we are growing a list of select users from diverse backgrounds and setups to help in this process. These individuals include active forum users, 3rd party developers, subject matter experts, and more. If you are on this evolving list we will be reaching out to you today to invite you to this opportunity.

Still far from the requested opt-in beta, but should be a nice improvement over the World Update 4 beta test (especially considering it will last two weeks now).

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" In addition, 300 spots will also be open on a first-come, first-serve basis for those self-proclaimed experts in GA who would like to help provide feedback. Sign ups are limited to Windows Store sim users only (sorry, Steam!) this time around as you will be using the Xbox Insider Hub to register."

Well, with 300 testers + the chosen ones they sure have everything covered that you mention.
Also it sound like they want to test some specific things, hence the selection of 3rd paarty devs and peoples with some knowledge. They have the telemetry of all the players anyway. Its better to have a focused group op testers who knows what they are doing.


I know about that, I mentioned it in my previous post. Key word is “in addition”.

OK guess they have it all figured out. We shall see when SU4 comes out.

Glad to see the beta program growing and evolving.

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This testing opportunity will target areas of the sim in performance, stability, ATC syntax accuracy, Aircraft (Engine Performance, Roll Stability, Average Yaw Control, and Aerodynamics).

Hopefully they will include some testers who already have severe stability issues (continuous CTDs).

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Yes, tried to make it as clear as possible - The 300 “slots” will be open to anyone who signs up first next week, but separately, there is an internal list of users and devs we have gathered as well who will be getting the invite. So altogether, we will have a solid list of experts, simmers, devs, etc. with 300 more to help supplement.

Still working on the full version of what Beta testing will look like in the future, but definitely one step closer!


Hey mods - any idea what Photogrammetry bug has slipped now to 2021/2022? It was coming in SU4-6 I originally was told?

Unfortunately the mods wouldn’t have any insight into this as they are volunteers. I believe the devs re-evaluate the Feedback Snapshot weekly and adjust it according to how progress is going, so if the timeline has changed it is most likely due to something they discovered during the investigation of said bug.

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Hi @Jummivana, great update overall, however I am a little disheartened to see that once again nearly everything in the VR wishlist is listed as ‘not started’ with release TBD. Could you possibly give us a little more insight into this?

I can only assume that right now resources are probably busy with other things - XBox release, etc. Are there any plans for people to start working on triaging the VR wishlist at any point in the foreseeable future? I’m not even looking for projected release dates, as much as when we can expect that effort will go into prioritization of those items and determination of release dates.

Any additional info that you can provide on this would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello! Great questions. I believe they wanted to create a whole separate Feedback Snapshot just for VR to let the community know it is something they are paying very close attention to and have many plans for on their roadmap. Though a lot of the features/bugs on there are not started, I do believe priority order for them right now is a focus on bug fixes for core issues, perf, and Xbox. Once Xbox version is released, I have a feeling there will be more traction on some of the items here for sure.