Discussion: November 25th, 2020 Development Update

This week’s development update has been released:

Use this thread to discuss the development update.

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The following threads continue to be missing from the Feedback Snapshot. The night lighting was discussed in today’s Q&A, but the other two have had enough votes for at least three weeks and they have not been addressed yet. Is there any update from the developers regarding those?


Thank you. When will market place be updated?

Weird, on the development update you can read that :

9 aircraft have been released (+2 since last week)

But only 5 are on the market place, where are the remaining 4? Not on the market place yet or are they on third party vendor website?

It would be nice to indicate which aircraft and where to find them on the next dev update.

Similar question:

“So overall, 85 aircraft are either released or are in production.”

Where to find and buy them? All I see is airports after airports every week.

the autopilot of a320 stop working…nothing else to add

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Can anyone of you give us some information why these highly voted topics are excluded in the snapshots and what we can expect on these issues?

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do we have any info about when the official liveries will come into the game?

Pleeeease!!! UPDATE THE PLANES CORRECTLY IN PRIORITY!!! You have create so many airports but the planes don’t work, so many cities with streets and bridges … GIVE US CARS !! Look the claims in the forum. The result of your stubbornness make that i have show to a lot of friends what is MSFS actualy and believe me !! they where stunning when they saw it.You will undrestand that i can not recommanded it, ask it to your best friend if he want spend money for. If i had know that before,i don’t buy it And!..I have purschase the P3D.v5. You distroy self your project and no the players that post our meaning. I hope sincerely that you will reach your goal…IT’S STILL A DREAM. SLEEP WELL


Look my post below. I agree

Are you sure you used enough CAPS and exclamation marks and hyperbole there? I think you might have been too diminutive there mate :roll_eyes:

I wrote a rant about the current state of affairs with the sim. I don’t want to post it twice, but I do want it to get noticed.

So, I’ll link it here and please read it.



Did I hear that in the Sim Update they are going to introduce an A320 tutorial? Maybe that will be the push they need to get it working properly?

Empty Truths, maybe work on fixing bugs before adding anything new.

You’re absolutely right