Discussion: Patch Update

Sorry guys, for winding y’all up!

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I am not sure why you ever talked about this, it was stated available in October…and patch are never new feature.

This was not the 85 gig update, right?

no it’s a patch, small size.

Last time I checked it was first quarter 2021

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While we await the Feedback Snapshot, the Known Issues list has been updated:


Use real pause not live pause. Search the guide section of the forums for instructions on how to key map this. Works a treat and you can still move the camera etc

Have you read the patch notes?


no, all community stay there, and i guess never will touched by update/uninstall

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Yep all is good no need to move the folders

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Just did the update via STEAM and it worked as advertised. Restarted MSFS and connected the sim via simconnect to my beloved navigation program FlightControl. Works like charm (was not possible before the update due to the bad connection with SIMCONNECT giving too much stuuters/lag). No problems whatsoever !


Is it me or the sim looks a bit better now? 1 hr in and its butter smooth with no stutters and crashes. Very impressed.


Agree, looks a little better and smoother.


there was never an 85gb update… if you are referring to what was in the content store, that’s not an update

Well, MFS2020 is now stuck on the “Welcome, set your experience” screen since I updated to

The update on Steam and MSF2020 are done, I tried to reboot my PC several time but no luck.

MSF2020 was working fine before the update.

Great now I’m getting CTD’s every time I try to load up an airport…

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Hi, i saw the new patch but as far as i see there are very few fixes
What do you think?

Patching was smooth and the SimConnect issue seems to be gone, yay!

I also suggest people read the patch notes :slight_smile:


You’ve had no issue AT ALL? ATC not sending you to silly altitudes? Performance is sub par? Sound issues with the ATC cutting out? I mean, they’ve even acknowledged there are issues with the game, I find it hard to believe you have none at all.

On steam here and i got a 700KB update and it says i am now on and seriously is it just a 700KB update? I figured they were doing a real update?