Discussion: Patch Update

I couldn’t figure out why the patch wasn’t downloading, checked the downloads section in the Steam client to find it’d already been downloaded. :rofl:

That was back in June. Randazzo has since replied to a question on the PMDG forums and said 6 - 12 months due to the sate of the SDK.

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BIKF is on the known issues list. It worked fine before release

Missing airports
Male Pilot with Female Voice
Cannot remove co-pilot
Worst: EventViewer still generates an application error when you close the program (check it out !) which you need to remove if you don’t want your drive to have less and less space for nothing.

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Are you kidding? ORBX updated landmarks London 10 days ago! There is still an old version here! Sucks.


Mods that modify original packages (like the FPS fix or my Small Nameplates mod) do not work without modifying the version though.

For my updated version see:

As for the update, mine went fine. First update download via store (333MB) and then at launch it updated a few small packages as well.
Other than the fix that FPS no longer drop by enabled nameplates I couldn’t find anything new.
But that was expected, hopefully all here that still can’t start up will have it fixed and the devs can go on and implement functionality fixes/improvements…

Guess I must be missing something obvious. How/where do I get this patch?

I thought MSFS would automatically download and apply the latest version at launch when checking for updates but nothing. When I get to the screen where you’re told to press any key, I see how it’s looking for updates but then I end up on the normal startup screen.

I then figured I would launch MS Store to search for updates but same thing, it’s says I’m good to go and MSFS remains on…

I just went to OrbX Central and went to the page for that add-on and it verified my files and installed the patch. Easy.

Read the patch notes. Read the known issues list. Raise a ticket on ZenDesk for the press a key thing (although TBH I’m pretty sure there is almost nothing less important right now).

Is there some kind of audit log I can look at the verify that it was downloaded?

We need to get notification when these updates are downloaded, you can’t just do this stuff blindly in the background and not tell anyone.

Read the patch notes - oddly enough these aren’t mentioned, so surprising they’ve not been fixed. Have you raised tickets with ZenDesk?

Look at the version number

No one asked you for your honesty.

Not a problem, provided free of charge

MS store is “pre update” to allow the update install window in MSFS after the launch.

Not sure I follow you now, what do you mean with ‘MS store is pre update’?

As mentioned, MS Store doesn’t find any update for MSFS when I search for updates. While launching MSFS just starts the game…with the old version.

So my question remains, how/where do I get the update?

I’m seeing longer load time when finishing a flight to go back to the main menu. Blue bar takes a long time to get to about a third of the way, then goes quite quicky - feels a lot slower than before. Anyone seeing similar?

Memory dump when exiting still not fixed (CHECK your Event Viewer !)
Still missing airports
Still female voice for male pilot
Still no way to remove co-pilot

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Read the patch notes?


Is support for .PLN format new?