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Likely if you are flying near an active, explosive volcano.


If I saw dark cumulonimbus clouds (as shown) at 3200 feet, I’d make a 180 and head back to the airstrip.

I’ve never seen such ominous looking clouds at that altitude.


Those very dark parts really looks unrealistic, as if they shade them TOO dark. Looks like volcanic ash

WOW … didn’t expect this results …

Very first “multi-player” race while “lowering” the prop pitch, I shattered my previous best lap time by ~3 secs and race time into the 7:30’s …

still more time to be found as I work on learning better course markers for initiating turns and course navigation …

The only way to improve in any thing, you have to invest the time and “Practice” until its like breathing … which also has its place in the cockpit, helps with your rhythm and smoothness, treating the flightstick like you were squeezing an egg. Avoiding the ant-hills and turning into “Humpty Dumpty” …



Just watched your video, great job!!!

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Looks like a lot of fun but unfortunately until they get the free-look mouse bug fixed, this is something I wouldn’t be able to play.


Ha, I thought I recognised your aircraft! Saw the plane in real life at the Abbotsford Airshow in 2019. You know, the days before Covid came into the world and we were still going to all kinds of live events… :grinning: Unfortunately it was a cloudy day so the in-flight photographs I took were against a very bright background but I thought some of them look quite decent


I seriously first thought your pics they were from in-game, just with a strange blue glitch with canopy.

awesome pics …

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what a nice news about TBM :slight_smile: I see now that Ice light working finally what is perfect for night flights and ice conditions checks. Thnx for that…

Forget say some issue (strange). Today after start of sim I completely loose again Assistance settings - all set to EASY :slight_smile: really not sure what is happening inside this sim.

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As soon as you download something or delete something from the content manager, the support settings will reset to easy. It’s a bug of SU7

Seem Ironic.
Initailly when this was suggested by PC users, X-Box players protested, and wanted to be on an equal with PC Players.

No Pilot left behind – we are all one Community.

Now X-Box players are wanting there own special forum areas, dedicated solely to X-Box. !!


SU7 “Game Of The Year Edition”

I have an appropriate name for this version.

SU7 “World In Flames Edition”.


I searched and didn’t see a reply to you, I apologize if this is old news.

I saw today that toggle spoilers has finally been fixed. The default keyboard / key works and I was able to map a button to it on my HOTAS.

Press your center mouse button instead. It’s a toggle, not a press and hold, but it works and fixes the problem you referenced. Or, even better, get thee a VR headset and it becomes a non-issue completely.

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I’ve been flying the whole day. Quited and then saw a movie, started the game again and it stuck here forever :rage:

It is really but really sick that this happen. I simply can’t understand why if I’ve been flying well since the last update with no issues then this happens

try letting it sit for a while. This happens to me also and it could take a real long time to finish loading. Best of luck…

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Hit ctrl+shift+esc and check if MSFS is “not respoonding”. If so, just kill the process and restart the sim. If it happens every time, start the sim without add-ons and see if it hangs then.

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Thank you. My settings did that today. Now I know why!

More bugs being revealed in SU7 :frowning_face:

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For the people having lower performance at airports with photogrammetry nearby like JFK since this last update you may want to check out what’s been found on this thread:

Basically uninstalling all the World Updates brought back the performance. In my case leaving only USA on worked great. I wonder if there was a change in SU7 that made the performance worse with certain World Updates. SU6 had acceptable performance before.