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Crash city. won’t update fully.


Maybe that’s the flat earth update people were asking for? :smirk:


I’m not 100% sure we’re speaking about the same thing, but I believe the DA40 does NOT have nose wheel steering in real life, whereas it has/used to have it in the sim.

If they decided to update that plane at some point and make it more realistic, they may have removed the nosewheel steering. If that’s the case, you’ll need to use differential braking (and have patience, it’s tricky).

Check out this mod if you frequently fly the DA40NG. I think he also added nosewheel steering:

Same here.

On PC version the option to remove the HUD display on fullscreen has disaperad, also I cant find how to remove all the information when flying showing airports etc. DX12 is completely a mess right now and should have not been implemented yet.

Yes they’re aware of this bug. They stated they will fix things asap post launch since there wasn’t a true long duration beta testing this time around


Finally got the update detected, but only after going into Settings > Apps, choosing the MS Store and telling Windows to Terminate it along with its processes:


After that, re-opened the app and the update started. Could just be random due to timing. I’ve rebooted 3 times in the last 1.5 hours to no avail (and I have fast-boot disabled so it wasn’t like a hibernate-style reboot), and logged out of the Store and Xbox app a few times.

Either way, we’re off the mark… no matter whether by luck or by judgement… :man_shrugging:

Probably why its flagged as Beta and off by default

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Definitely don’t want to start any of those DCS vs MSFS arguments, as I realise they are two very different products, I would have never expected any of the systems simulations that is in DCS (although seeing [NOT MODELED] on 4/5 of the pages is a bit depressing), but I was hoping for the flight model to be decent. As I understood the point of a fighter in a civilian sim is for the maneuverability only a fighter could ever have, and replicating some cool stunts and fun bits of flying, but without a good flight model that is not possible.

Oh well I still have the MB-339 :smiley:

incredibly disappointing that in 2021, on a 1Gbps fibre connection, I download with 2MBps… shameimage

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100 MBit connection here, 89 MBit download. Must be something else…

Might be on your side…

It’s been moved to the assists menu.

Assistance Options → User Experience → Instrument Heads Up Display → Minimal / Full.

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Deluxe update (along with a few others) was via the in sim content manager for me, which may explain the standard edition only update (which I had as well)

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Most of my download went with around 200Mbits/s

Me neither. For me it’s game breaking…

it’s not, I have tested to be able to torrent with ~80MB/s

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MSFS resets everything to easy/full assisted. Also all the HUD options have been moved there.

Smooth update for me. DX12 is in Beta according to devs and you can easily fathom why they carefully put BETA label on it :sweat_smile:
They said “don’t expect more performance”… well… that was quite the euphemism indeed :joy: Expect the exact contrary in fact :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

On my Ryzen 5600X / 2070 Super / 32GB RAM / Corsair MP600 SSD, performances are nothing short of abysmal compared to DX11. It’s a stuttering fest, full of freezes the second you start panning the camera etc. It brings nothing to the visual but that was said to be the case anyway.

In other word: DX12 had strictly no point making its way to this update. None whatsoever apart maybe because users were constantly asking for it every next updates. That or unless if you feel like beta testing why it’s so slow and maybe help the devs.

It’s not usable for now.

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40 -50 mbits speed here. previous updates only between 10 -20 mbits

That’s exactly what they stated yesterday in the Q&A. It is very much WiP, and need (us) to test it in live to get as much feedback as possible to continue implemeting it.