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No update in Central Texas yet at store

same here!

Restarted my PC and it showed up straight away :slight_smile:


Finger cross here 250 mbit/s…:slight_smile:

No Update in Germany. I Go Out of the Beta in the Hub nur in the Store is nothing. I reboot gut nothing changing

No update here in Cyprus. +2GMT


Just kicked in on East Coast now for me (Steam)

Starts at 80mbps and steadily climbs between decompressions

I’m doing 80 to 100 mbits/s

mine updated in the store in the background. go to the store and check your version. it may have updated without a notification.

Restart your PC’s, then you will get the update

nothing in switzerland now

No update here yet. Waited to boot my PC until 4:10pm this time, after release time. Got an MS Store update (the Store itself that is - looks much nicer!) but nothing for MSFS.

Launched the sim 4:15pm, loaded up as normal, no sign of an update. Last time a PC reboot worked, but I think there’s just a delay for it to become available depending on which part of the vast cloud network you are connecting to and the release propagating across all servers…

Think it appeared about 4:30 UTC last time. UK here.

Looks like the replay mode is only available from DEV mode, which means no log book entries when using it.

Unless I am miss understanding.

Restarted Windows 11 and received the update in xbox

33,40 GB, Czech Republic. Download speed between 110-125 Mbit/s. Looking good!

I don’t see anything in the notes about the flickering lights :frowning:

Had to download the Store update first, the new Store app has no “three dots” button anymore so I clicked the blue “get updates” button and then it downloaded all the MS garbage apps I wanted to avoid like the plaque. In the old version I could at least cancel that, not anymore in the new app. :rage:

At least it’s downloading the SU7 now. :slight_smile: Hopefully I can take care of the “My Smartphone” schmutz and all later. :bomb:

Edit: Huh? 33GB?


For Steam users, I had to exit Steam from the taskbar and restart. There was a small Steam update when I launched MSFS and it’s now doing a much bigger updated of the sim itself…

I figured the update went live since I suddenly keep getting “500 internal server error” on this site :rofl:

Steam update done, waiting for the installer to appear, which is hanging on checking for updates. Meanwhile “! drafts offline.” Servers crashing all around.

23.80 GB (first) update started, enjoying the early bandwdith capacity 40 mbps avg, not bad, Will be down to 3 mbps soon lol.

Something went wrong, can’t post reply. Tech lol.