Discussion + Poll: Hotfix

Since SU5, using the mouse wheel to zoom in cockpit also zooms the VFR map which is on a separate monitor. Very frustrating. However, when I click on the map and zoom there, it does not zoom on the cockpit view.

I also am having the altitude issue where ATC thinks I am 600-700 ft lower than my altimeter shows.


hey after su5 i am allways get this message

my network speed is 600mbs

Hi there I have received this message once, when setting LOD to 5 and flying low in NYC.

My internet is fast. Tried different servers no luck.
The photogrammetry slowly loads in, so can only assume that this is a server issue on there end!

okay thanks but a week passed since the update and still they didn’t fix their servers :hot_face:

Crickets from Asobo. It’s Monday Jorg the weekend is over. It’s time to tell your pc customers what you’re going to do to fix this train wreck. I’m guessing a fair amount of users have spent a good amount of their hard earned money on the sim itself and marketplace content. Let’s face the facts that the sim is not what it was for a majority and either roll back to SU4 ( which had It’s own problems but was usable ) or come up with an ACTUAL fix and not the miniscule “hotfix” implemented for damage control that didn’t fix much of anything.


In case anyone’s missed it:

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Than Goodness I have a RTX3080 Card so I can look at a picture of the Hippo and the black and yellow aeroplane for 10 minutes until finally I get a CTD 3 times in a row.
So no Flight sim this evening I guess…is it the servers ? It has been OK for the last two days.


Carefully watched an interview with Technical Director Asobo
The most striking thing he said at the end of the video was when asked about the launch of sim on the console
He said that he was glad that in general something began to work

It’s a Rhino :wink:



They must also fix the POI problems (not showing in the FD) in Bush trips.

Just a heads up, there was a Windows update which apparently fixes game mode and hags. I updated and switched game mode and hags on and for me there is a vast improvement. Much smoother than before. That’s in vr. 5900x, 1080ti, 32gb ram. Reverb G2. Please don’t bite my head off it doesn’t work for you. I could never get the 200 render trick to work.


I think I got that update and I am on game mode since quite sometime. Do I need to reenable it?

Would you remind me where to find it as it has been sometime?

If you have it enabled ie switched on you shouldn’t need to do anything. I also enabled hags . Then chose the flighsimulator.exe, and picked high performance in the drop down. It’s found in Windows settings, gaming, then game mode in the list on left hand side.

2 ways to enable Game Mode in Windows 10 | Digital Citizen.

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Since release of the Xbox version, I’m seeing A LOT of videos on youtube that were bond to happen: “Xbox VS PC difference”

It would really makes sense that they would downgrade the PC version for a bit of time, namely the duration when all those videos will flourish, like a month or so, suffer the outrage of PC users, and then brings back better graphics when all the “Xbox vs PC” video trend will die off soon enough…

I tried it but I still have no ATC communication. Since they slowed down the bandwidth to accommodate XBox we are really messed up!..!

What’s a hag?

Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling

Although the Windows update in question didn’t mention any improvement to HAGS.

It fixed an issue with Game Mode and some windows power plans causing lower performance.


Thanks. Very much appreciated.

Hola amigos pilotos del Foro!!!

Realmente, me siento desilusionado con FS 2020 y sobre todo, con sus actualizaciones. Hay problemas que son desde su presentación y no han sido resueltos. Por ejemplo, al conectar el piloto automático en algunos aviones, estos empiezan a volar un poco de costado. Los sistemas de navegación automáticos (NAV), en ocasioones “enganchan” y en otras no. La última actualización ha mejorado en cuánto a calidad gráfica pero han exagerado y modificado (en mi opinión, para peor) la activación (o desactivación) de ciertos sistemas, particularmente, los correspondientes al piloto automático, mediante el uso del mouse. Honestamente, me sentía mas a gusto con la forma anterior. Es realemente muy complicado usarlo sobre todo, cuando se vuela con mal tiempo, en el que el avión se mueve mucho. También me ha pasado con la reciente actualización, cosas insólitas como por ejemplo: que se active el bajar y/o subir el tren de aterrizaje sin activar el mando correspondiente. Hace minutos terminé un vuelo desde Recife a F. de Noronha en el A320 y me estrellé a un par de millas de la cabecera y a 1200 pies y me apareció un mensaje que me informaba que había roto el tren de aterrizaje ¿¿¿¿???. Otra: instalé el DC10 de Orbis, no lo puedo usar porque cuando quiero activar la opción “Fly”, esta no funciona. También advertí que en las nuevas versiones del A320 de fly by wire, a veces el tablero (glass cockpit) funciona pero la mayoría de las veces no. Otra cosa que noté que en el nuevo escenario de Nápokes las construcciones destacadas (iglesias, castillos, estadios, etc) están vacías (no se vé representada la construcción). Compré el B 777 y presenta algunos errores como por ejemplo: la activación de los frenos automáticos para aterrizaje y el RTO no funcioan. Otra cosa que al menos en mi PC desaparecieron fueron los animales de la fauna. Estas son algunas que recuerdo en este momento, pero la sensación que tengo es que con cada actualización se mejoran algunas cosas pero se desmenjoran otras y muchas permanecen sin cambios. Creo que deberían, en lugar de tantas actualizaciones, primero resolver las ya existentes.

Translated to English by MSFS forum staff:

Hello friends pilots of the Forum!!!
Really, I feel disillusioned with FS 2020 and above all, with its updates. There are problems that are since your presentation and have not been resolved. For example, when you plug the autopilot on some planes, they start flying a little sideways. Automatic navigation systems (NAV), in ocasioons “hook” and in others do not. The last update has improved in terms of graphic quality but they have exaggerated and modified (in my opinion, for worse) the activation (or deactivation) of certain systems, particularly those corresponding to autopilot, through the use of the mouse. Honestly, I felt more comfortable with the previous form. It is actually very complicated to use especially, when flying in bad weather, in which the plane moves a lot. It has also happened to me with the recent update, unusual things such as: that the landing gear is activated and / or raised without activating the corresponding control. Minutes ago I finished a flight from Recife to F. de Noronha on the A320 and crashed a couple of miles from the head and 1200 feet and i got a message informing me that I had broken the landing gear ¿¿¿¿???. Another: I installed the Orbis DC10, I can’t use it because when I want to activate the “Fly” option, it doesn’t work. I also noticed that in the new versions of the A320 fly by wire, sometimes the glass cockpit works but most of the time it doesn’t. Another thing I noticed that in the new scenario of Nápokes the outstanding constructions (churches, castles, stadiums, etc.) are empty (the construction is not represented). I bought the B 777 and it has some errors such as: the activation of the automatic brakes for landing and the RTO do not work. Another thing that at least on my PC disappeared were the wildlife animals. These are some that I remember at the moment, but the feeling I have is that with each update some things are improved but others are unchanged and many remain unchanged. I think they should, instead of so many updates, first resolve the existing ones.

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