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Just took off from Cologne in the default Caravan. Got near the city center and CTD. I never get CTDs so was a little confused. City update perhaps? I do have my AI as live traffic but with AIG models so perhaps was that

There are some “ground” related changes:


* Reduced ground effect on all 3 airliners from 25% to 10%

* Added a new parameter to control the collision between the CFD and the ground and adjust the CFD generated ground effect

Specifically for the G1000 172, which haven’t flown yet:

### Cessna 172 Skyhawk G1000

* Adjusted new ground collision parameters to improve ground handling in cross wind and at high speeds
* Added new parameters to [FLIGHT_TUNING] section to control if and at what speeds the crosswind effect is cancelled out on ground. Removed all crosswind cancellation on the aircraft

But I observed oddity in the steam 172.

The G1000 model, with CFD enabled, has these two settings in flight tuning:

ground_crosswind_effect_max_speed = -1000
ground_crosswind_effect_zero_speed = -1000

According to the SDK, “-1000” configures crosswind to never be cancelled out.

The steam 172, without CFD, has some additional settings to those above:

ground_crosswind_effect_max_speed = -1000 // feet per second, default is 80
ground_crosswind_effect_zero_speed = -1000 // feet per second, default is 5
ground_high_speed_steeringwheel_static_friction_scalar = 1.0
ground_high_speed_otherwheel_static_friction_scalar = 1.0

I wonder if the steeringwheel static friction option is the one that is making it so hard to turn in a crosswind at faster taxi speeds. I have no issue when taxiing for takeoff, and I had no real issues with a crosswind landing. But as I slowed down to exit the runway, I had full right rudder, and was barely turning until I slowed down further.

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I would like to “pile-on” a bit and say that locking the framerate works best for me, too, with my 3070.

I have a 144hz monitor and leave all the Nvidia control panel settings at the default - “let the app decide”. I use only MSFS’s options to adjust my ultra/high graphics. Reduces the complexity and seems more intuitively correct to me.

I have found that using the MSFS Vsync with frame rate set to 33% I get a perfectly solid, ripple free 48FPS under all conditions. No stutters, no CTDs.

None VR, PC version. 12th gen I7, 32 GB RAM, RTX 3070 - 8GB VRAM. 0 CPU, 0 GPU overclocking - a very quiet desktop, 100% fan-cooled system (no liquid). Temps seldom exceed 45C (TechPowerUp GPU-Z).


Nvidia GR 517.48 driver released


I wonder if the fact that MSFS has to work on the AMD powered Xbox has lead to better performance/optimisation on AMD based systems?

As mentioned, NVIDIA Game Ready Driver 517.48 released, mentions MSFS specifically in the Nvidia feedback forum thread


Being discussed here, I think:

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I wonder which version of the GeForce experience it comes with. There is a standalone beta version that fixes some of the slow down issues with Windows 11 22H2.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced better game play on Xbox after the latest update? I fly the 777-300 and A320 with livery add-ons for both aircraft’s and have not been experiencing any CTDs at all since latest update with “rolling cache” off. I fly mainly 1-2 hour flights but have flown 5-6hrs successfully.

Has anyone tried longer haul flights on Xbox yet after the latest update 10hrs+?

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From release notes:
addition, this new Game Ready Driver offers support for the latest releases and updates
including the addition of NVIDIA DLSS technology to Microsoft Flight Simulator.”

“ [DirectX 12] Microsoft Flight Simulator may display texture corruption after extended
gameplay [3762763”

doesn’t appear to include an updated version of Experience. The version included:

Release notes have this:

GeForce Experience —

The version number you listed is for the HD Audio driver.

This link intimates that the earlier GE Beta would become the production version in the update that was just released.


Should i just install the GR driver over the Sudio driver? or its better to unnistall it?

Do a custom install and check clean install… That should do it

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Always uninstall graphic drivers before installing newer ones. Preferably using DisplayDriverUninstaller.

GR installed fine over the Studio driver here. I never bother doing clean installs anymore, doesn’t seem to ever make any difference for me.


Yes indeed. Many Xbox users, myself included, have commented on improved performance (although for the sake of balance it’s also the case that some are still experiencing CTDs).

See this thread for example: SU10 on Xbox - Positivity Thread

Now that new nvidia driver is out, shall we expect an update to implement memory usage fix/improvements?

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only way to know it test it :wink:

Yes, reminder from su10 release note : Please note that our new memory allocator for DX12 on PC will only be activated for Nvidia graphic card users once the next driver is available (will improve performance). Other graphic cards already benefit from the new allocator.

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I do not know if you fly from the same locations.
But I dont think it is gone, i think the sun is at different position and in a different angle
or maybe the current in water is different due to wind directions.

let see, DX12 with my 3080 been a nightmare
max out the usage of memory and lags a lot

DX11 on the other side im CPU limited with my Ryzen 3600x - Just orderer a 5800x3D so im excited for the improvements