Discussion + Poll: Sim Update 9 (

Your telling me, it was a first yesterday since Su9, that I had a session like that… Hey ho… Back to playing hitman :joy:

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It’s not your imagination, I had a strange experience with my Xbox s. The splash screen now only stays on for a few seconds, some flights to some destinations, for some durations mainly short ones and with some aircraft seem to work absolutely fine. Still got world map freezing and sometimes ctd.
At least we can fly something, but far from ideal.
Apparently, a fix is being worked on and although I am far from satisfied, I’m afraid we don’t have a choice but to wait for that.

Where is that screenshot from?
Are there others that say fixed in SU 9 hotfix? Why can’t they communicate this clearly? Sticky on top of forum with updates would be so easy.

Any idea when is the hotfix coming out?

It’s coming from the 5th of May dev update, second snapshot:

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Patch is out right now! Downloading 1.6gb on xbox.

Tnx, just launched the store, click ‘get updates’ → 340Mb download
Launching the main executable now (Tells V1.25.9😊)
No additional downloads by installation manager or content manager

Still does not work, CTD as soon as I tried a flight from world map. Lots of stutter, freezing and taking forever to load. XBSX


Not available for Xbox yet Hofix

Rubbish, I’ve been using it for an hour already. Try rebooting your console.

Did no update available still

Why do you think others in your book lying?

Ok then sorry I don’t know why your console does not see it. As I posted earlier I downloaded a 1.6GB update for this on xbox series x and then used it for an hour, so it definitely is available.

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Have you checked the version your running? perhaps it downloaded and installed in background without you knowing, it was only a small update after all.

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I se it now I’m on still lagging little bit on the world map

I’ll figure it out


I didn’t accuse anyone of lying. Granted my wording could have been a lot better, but I really meant that OP was mistaken, which may in fact have been the case.

I’ve no reason to suspect or claim anyone on here is lying over such a thing, why would they?

Check the release notes linked above for what Asobo claim to have fixed. Yes it still stutters and pauses and sometimes crashes, this is not some magical fix everything release. It does fix some crashes and a few other issues. Not a long release notes by any stretch.

Is happen to last hotfix to so yeah

update up and running on xbox . early signs improvement in the flying.