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hi …

AMD ryzen 3800XT, 3090 and M2 … Took off from KJFK with all on ULTRA… AI traffic off. Other traffic like ships and ferrie 100%. Aircraft on Ground 50 % … no stuttering … unbelievable. My locked frames are 30 all the time. The average frame is round about 27-29 frames. Only a few times when scenery will be loaded I got a short stutter. That´s it …

I dont like the new cache system, if you can call it cache. I am using a head tracker and when turning sideards the builings will be reloaded … it is going very fast, but it is not really nice.

My CPU usage over New York is round about 19 % … some peaks up to 45 %. GpU usage is not more than 33 % … Till now I am not using a 4K monitor … This is a future project …

But, the tree issue is back ?! I cant belive that this part of New York is so green :-p … Trees are very big …

The bridges are looking insane :stuck_out_tongue:

What was your airspeed, if your clipping along at 320 knts, well it’ll climb, but very slowly. If you drop your speed to 280knts it should climb just fine.

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Had to reinstall it all. Did an update in Windows 11 and was forced to use the new Xbox app. That was not an impovement. But besides that I did had CTDs and don’t know why. I took me a day to download it all again.

First flight and windows performance monitor on showed that my graphics card was every few seconds in use and then 0% again. Couldn’t fly for a minute. At second flight it al went smooth until… I turned on my second monitor to use the performance monitor again. This was not a problem before the update.

So… it looks beautifull and better. But I haven’t experienced the performance improvement at all yet.
Ryzen 3950X + 1080Ti and enough RAM and storage.

Maybe their server is an xbox :rofl:

Anybody noticed this one?

ok, perfomance is great, i have zero issue with LOD, stuff popping into view, or ground resolution, probably i’m just ignorant enough.

But: i have officially had CDTs in any phase of the sim by now (zero CTDs pre-SU5).
On top: often control inputs not recognised or with huge latency.
And: trim axis reversed for C152 (maybe other AC too)

Somehow this SU5 has only been halfway done.

oh I know shadows are, Ive also noticed, clouds dont cast shadows on clouds or the ground anymore like they did in the past. unless you really fill the sky, then the ground overall will get darker.


If you were using a VFR chart before and then after to navigate your way around you can definitely tell that something is up. One of the reasons I absolutely love MSFS is because of how invaluable real VFR charts can be but this seems to have diminished. What good is a VFR chart really if you don’t have good scenery and it’s features unless you’re almost right smack on top of what you’re looking for?


I started a vote in wishlist topic asking for the world map in the flight planner be used as the VFR map in game. Go over and vote please should be an easy fix for them to implement this change and the flight planner map is so much better.

In previous versions of FS you could zoom out thousands of miles with detail, you could turn off the textures and make the display more wire frame like (for those late night session that you dont want to get blinded by the glare).

As is stands right now the VFR map in this game is pretty much useless…

To limit your GPU workload while the SIM is updating.

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OK, so this is just a temp measure while updating is occurring?

Lot of good stuff in this update!

  • No issues with the update, albeit it was slow.

  • Performance is greatly improved, I tried to fly over London and it was a much nicer experience now, even with my older 1080 card.

  • World map is much greater, really nice improvement!

  • Loading times are also improved!

No crashes for me so far, but I understand it’s frustrating for those who experience them. They have good crash data at hands and have always prioritized those issues, so best to do is to create a ticket and provide as much information as possible.

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Thanks for posting. That illustrates it very well. I really hope this isn’t a concession to X-Box system limitations and we will be stuck with this “feature” moving forward…

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Yes, although I keep VSYNC on through Nividia control panel to match my monitor @ 60hz.

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As long as the sim keeps CTD-ing, I couldn’t care less about graphics.
Funny enought I prefer being able to fly at all to everything looking extra nice.
Had zero CTDs before SU5, now I’m not able to finish a single flight, let alone starting a second one.


@PliantWings5288, I have the Thrustmaster TCA as well. To get ENG 1 Master switch working, try this:
In control menu, DELETE this bindings:

  • “Toggle Engine 2 Fuel Valve” - Set to Joystick Button 4
  • “Toggle Engine 1 Fuel Valve” - Set to Joystick Button 3
    I also had to rebind the other ENG 1 settings before the Master switch worked correct.
  • I also agree with you, the blue/yellow highlight of the knobs and buttons its crazy disturbing.
  • And as you mentioned, the basic Mode Selector Panel knobs does not interact with the a32nx on my PC. Turning the HDG knob has no effect, the aircraft just moves in one direction.
    But the visuals is now much more fluent, no stutter, very nice

Has anyone heared something official regarding a first Hotfix after SU5?

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just silence. :smiley:

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Silence seems to be the MO of Asobo.