Discussion + Poll: Sim Update VII (January Build

I think the Live weather is “usable”, its just the ATC that is, and always has been, messed up.

Its not a total “Game” Killer …

What I do is to follow ATC, up to where they start telling me to do incorrect things, and then, whatever they say, I do what they SHOULD have said, and to me then, all is OK.

The added bonus being, after a time ATC gets frustrated with me for not following instructions, and terminates Radar services, and I just say “Thank You for Nothing” and continue my flight in peace.

The future is, Asobo are NOT going to fix ATC

– I believe WT have been tasked to do this in 2022/2023, and since they have at least one Commercial Pilot on their team, they should be getting it right.

These Bugs in MSFS are all about attitude - you can let them upset you, and run around crying about your IMMERSION being destroyed, as you fly your plane from the couch – or you can use your imagination, and find a work around, and ENJOY the MSFS experience.

But I know YOU know this already :+1:


Thank you :slight_smile:

Took the update from Microsoft Store. Started sim. Kept saying Need UPDATE. I updated it like 5 times and kept saying you need update. Restarted PC. Went into Store again and updated it. This time it loads and tells me my UPDATE is 115GB. ■■■ Microsoft!!!

Looks like you are doing a fresh install ?? 115GB !!

I carried out the following:

Not mentioned anywhere anything about community folders contents wiping, or that the path may be different now. So whilst some here can say with hindsight that I should of preempted this very annoying situation by making a copy of the community folder I disagree unless specifically instructed to do so.

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Is your community folder still intact?

I’m still downloading but it is blank. It was blank to start out with.

They seem to have fixed the toolbar in VR. Other than that I saw no change yet.

Yup I was in the beta LOL now I need 115GB install. Gets better each time with Microsoft.

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Same for me… I was in the Beta too and 115Gb to download and Community folder erased…

The white dot survived once again :rofl:
No more freezes while changing pilot positions✌

Did you have a custom installation folder? If not now’s the time to do this. I had no re-install issues ever after.

I’ve tried out the latest download and it seems to be ok. Recently, I’ve fiddled about with my settings, desperately trying to get the smoothest experience. I’ve hardly altered the nvidia settings and tried not to be too extreme with the in-game settings. Well, just now I’ve flown the Hornet in VR at a low level averaging 500 kts across the SE of UK and … it’s been the smoothest ever!

Just insane that this keeps happening. No problem as I have fast internet but there should not be any excuses. Microsoft needs to really get their act together. This is unacceptable.

Ah ok thanks where can I update that?

My expereince was

I started MSFS this morning and it said there was an Update. (about 500MB , or was it 599kB ? )

I had a “Fully Loaded” Community folder at the time, 2000+ files, but I just took the plunge, and hit UPDATE.

It updated, and runs fine.

It was running fine before – I have not had a CTD in months.

To me, the important thing is not so much what BUGS and issues MSFS has for different people, but why, so many different people seem to be having a very different BUG & CTD experience.

I would say it was different PCs and PC configurations, but the X-Box Guys seem to be having almost the same different experience - making the most significant common denominator, INTERNET Connectivity - and maybe MSFS’s ability to handle the collection and processing of the Internet data streams.

Just another WILD Guess form someone who does not really have any facts to back up his theory !!


For those of you who are being prompted to perform a complete re-install (~115GB), were you part of the recent Pre-Release Test or not?


Hi there!

Windows 11, MS Store, RTX 3060 and Ryzen 5600x - Brazil

-Smooth and fast update, used all my bandwidth (300mbps).
-Community fold OK
-Improved menu, less lagging
-Flight with EMB-110 from SBSV-SBAR airport smooth and improved around 10 fps
-No CTDs

Everything’s fine. Better. Good Work Asobo!!!