Discussion + Poll: World Update IV (

Wow, that’s messed up that you have to throttle your updates :astonished:

yes but that why when you play on xbox you dont care about inmersion if theres liveries or other staff etc just you play for few hours with friend in casual way but on pc you have a custom experience

I think that one also needs a correction.

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Immediately CTD on the start of first flight…

It promises…

Aaaaaand here we go again, decreased performace max. 10-15 fps before update i got 24-36 fps.


This is reproducable, and reported to zendesk.

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Sure, but there are millions of people who want to play in a casual way.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with bringing MSFS to more than just the hardcore simmer crowd.

And some people who start on Xbox will come to want more and will come to PC and become hardcore simmers.


We probably should open up a new thread called:
“Download Stalls and Loops During Updates”!

I activated my VPN and restarted the download process in MSFS.

So far, so good! It’s proceeded far further than ever before (over 50% completed) and I am very optimistic that this will succeed!

Thanks again for your tip!!


Missed opportunity here to shout: „Je suis premier!“


Aaaaaaaand yet again this has happened at every update. It’ll take a few days to settle down whilst everybody clogs up the internet getting their downloads.

2+million gamers times 20GB is…quite a lot of bytes!

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yes i just was saying that msfs should care about liveries cause the comunity can make with mods they just have to add more ai planes variety models,

Haha you’re right! I didn’t even think of that :smiley:

Sure, I agree with you on that. The more liveries the better!

So I see you guys did not fix the 1000ft Alt selection bug on the honeycomb bravo. I was told by Honeycomb it would’ve been fixed in world update 4

Did you test it already before making this comment?

When is the trailer coming out? Still downloading… :smiley:

Yeah it starts at x8 for me I think. The only fix for that is flying fast, rollercoaster doesn’t happen when im flying at around 340kts in A320

So first thoughts after quick Flight over Amsterdam, if you stay away from the Ground at around 2000 feet it’s quite enjoyable. Going lower it looks quite interesting at some point, specifically funny looking Construction sites.

But all in all a Big Thumbs Up for Performance :))


Nice one, glad that worked for you. Yeah, this probably does need a new thread.

Marketplace is greyed out and I’m unable to connect to region server since the update.

[SOLVED] The Update set the online functionality to off (options > data) for me!

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