Discussion + Poll: World Update IV (

I hear that the sim restarts downloading where it left off, so you’re good to go.

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I’m away from the simming pc for a few days, wanted to know if Corsica had some improvements with WU4. DEM, imagery, POIs?

Yes. Blipping the throttle restored it.

Make sure whatever control you have for mixture, assuming you use hardware for this is set to fully rich. If you fly a plane which doesn’t have mixture, and your mixture is lean when you press ESC and go back to the sim the engine will “cut off”. Been like this forever for me.

Hi all
not wishing to sound smug or denigrate anybody’s experience with this update, my download went brilliantly took 40min to download 22,22gb and 5.5gbWu, I have one weird anomaly, all my 3rd party addons from outside marketplace are listed as “Not Installed” in content manager, they are however all installed and working!
Performance wise, it has improved greatly, 35-40fps over Paris, i9 9900k at 5GHZ, RTX 2080TI 11GB. 32GB Ram on Auros pro MB
I hope everyone gets their issues and problems sorted.


New killer bug. Asobo did it again :frowning:


Just now logging in and download the Windows Store update for MSFS, but when I open MSFS, my Kaspersky Anti-Virus now says there’s a high risk trojan and deletes the file.

This has been written about here. I think you have to shut it down for now.

You can blame the 300 beta testers too now :wink:

And the real ‘killer’ bug was in training session 2 which drove the plane into the ground on AP. Which has been fixed by this WU, by the way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My sim loaded okay with an empty community folder. For my second flight I copied back everything, and it crashed while loading.

Now to find out which addon it is! :wink:

You gotta stop before you reach the top of the hill. Going downhill will fail the challenge.

Blipping? What do you mean by that?

Lagging menu. Disastrous frames. And crashed with object on empty runway. Good start.

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You most likely landed too far along the runway. I got that once.

World update Belgium , Netherlands , France.

Photogrammetry cities added to Belgium: 0



"When the change in the WASM code was announced with the last simulator update, we were assured by Asobo that the change would not affect AAO. It obviously does, and in a very bad way.

At the moment we can’t offer a solution. So accessing LVars or HVars through AAO is currently out of the question."

There are no add-ons that are used to assign axes and buttons … ASOBO Why are you lying, why do you mislead people ???

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Amazing update and content, POI are incredible and Amsterdam and Paris is stunning!
Thanks a lot for Asobo and Microsoft and big ups for today’s Q&A. :slight_smile:
A lot of important information on the upcoming improvements and always its awesome to see they are as much excited as we are.

Still performance is an issue, specially in big cities and large airports, but I was super happy to listen martial said that in the upcoming Sim Update 4 we’ll get optimizations for glass cockpit aircrafts.


Paris photogrammetry like London won’t fully resolve and looks apocalyptic, thought it is not the molten blobs of London bad.

For scenery we need a fix for photogrammetry and a fix for the similar issue with coastlines and mountains not properly resolving and morphing with constantly swapping LOD’s


Honeycomb Bravo 10 degree bug still exists and isn’t fixed for me. When I rotate the knob on the Bravo autopilot control the altitude changes in steps of 1000ft in stead of 100ft and heading with 10 degrees. Same as before the world update.

(Yes, cleared the Community folder before update, yes I got the 17GB patch, yes I downloaded the WU4 update and yes I installed all available updates ingame)

I have to agree with this… Brussels should have been in there, at the least. And Antwerp with the harbors. But we can’t have it all, I’m afraid.