Throttle/Flaps/Mixture/Speedbrake/etc axis at 50% when exiting menu WU IV (

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Brief description of the issue:
Exiting the menu will force the throttle (or any other control that is bound to a particular joystick/throttle axis) to be in ~ 50% position

This is happening when connecting input devices such as throttle, flight stick and rudders. No external tools to alter simvars or other addons used.

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  • Load into sim
  • Set throttle at 0%
  • Hit esc
  • Exit menu
  • See throttle at 50%

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Using multiple input devices, e.g. throttle, flight stick and rudders.

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same issue here


Can confirm. Tested in several aircraft.

Confirmed :frowning_face:

Same here, seems to apply to all axes

Yes, all axes seem to be affected. Very annoying when speedbrakes deploy just because you went to the menu.

This is a short clip I took. It clearly shows speedbrakes deploying just because going to the menu for a second.
@LinerXiandra perhaps change title to “all axes go to 50%”.


Thanks for expanding on this, yes, can confirm this is also happening to mixture, flaps, speedbrake when bound to certain axis of a throttle (Virpil CM3 for what it’s worth on my end)

Not all axis on this throttle are created equal however, some work just fine.

Will update first post/title

Do you have the impacted axes connected to analogue axis in your control device (so the SIM ignores control lever position on your throttle when returning from the menu)? Or is this bug affecting only the axes operated by keys/buttons?
What happens when you move the physical control lever a bit? Does it jump to the correct position?
Usage of FSUIPC axis assignments may serve as workaround.

What happens when you move the physical control lever a bit? Does it jump to the correct position?

Yes, it then returns to the correct position. It doesn’t read the current state when exiting the menu and forces a 50% value.

Yeah, should have mentioned that. I have an analog throttle with axes assigned to engine1&2 and speedbrakes. All axes go to 50% after exiting the menu.

As Asobo is not quick on releasing the hot fixes, I would recommend assigning the axes via FSUIPC, but I not verified this yet, as my update will be on the way for the next 10h due to my 4Mbps Internet link.

this has definitely changed since before the update then, as previously the sim would not synchronise with physical controller positions at load, but would do so after an ESC/resume cycle.

Remember all of those, “my engines cut out after pausing” type issues, that were caused by having the mixture axis bound to a control that had been set to full lean, unknowingly? That would have caused the engines not to start or to cut out at load if the synch had happened at load.

Bumping this to the devs now!


Awesome work!!

Can users experiencing this report if they use Steam or Microsoft Store versions? Thanks!

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MS Store Version here and got the issue


Steam here.

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Okay both, thank you!

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Disc version - but I suppose that is the same as MS store, right?