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Yes, I had to revert to a non-LVAR SPAD profile for the Arrow. No biggie, it works just as well, but puts more traffic through SimConnect.

I think you and me were just talking on Discord about this as well.
Here is my post further above: Discussion + Poll: World Update IV ( - #560 by ATPL2006
I can only encourage people to send this to zendesk.

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Please forgive if this sounds elementary, but if you have never tried panning the aircraft outside, a minimum of two revolutions, especially when there is new scenery, it can increase fps substantially. Especially since your frames smoothed out when free from airport, it’s worth trying.

I’m seeing much improved framerates over densely populated areas following these latest updates. I’m running an HP Omen G15 Laptop I7-10070 with RTX_2070-MaxQ with 16gb Ram hooked up to a UltraWide 3840-1200 display and getting 35fps plus now over London and Paris whereas I was lucky to get over 20fps before. So for me a huge performance improvement. Thank you Asobo/MS you’ve made my day!

thx but I know this even though panning around wasn’t even necessary on my rig in the past. this time it’s more than just slight stutters when possibly loading some scenery, it’s literally pausing every second for a second with the download circle bottom right spinning almost all time. and again, it went away once I disabled MP. will fly now without it until MS finds a fix

Yep, disabling works. Or set group only instead of live players or all players.
You can upvote here

thx, voted and already zendesked it to MS

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I just hate when I overlook the basics. But yes, the windows indicator for bandwidth to catch up does sound like this update has a glitch associated with MP. Thanks

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I have had the same experience (large studders, low FPS, etc) when servers are busy due to updates and/or just the time of day/weekend when folks are not at work…and when the roll out the XBOX version of the sim it will introduce a lot more users and could potentially become even worse of a bottleneck. I hope someone is working on that before they add lots more folks on XBOX who want to play online with their friends and jam up the larger servers (US East and Europe-West).


i just hope one of the forum mods will bring this to their attention ASAP.
This issue pretty much means you have to fly without multiplayer.

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Last night I noticed a lot more turbulence at around 26 knot winds in the Bonanza, getting tossed around all the time.

The wheels seem to have a lot more grip when landing. As soon as they touch the ground the plane violently gets aligned with the wheels (landing with a crosswind) instead of gently gain grip as pressure on the wheels increases. It’s like they are magnetic now.

And all acceleration is gone, trim wheel, heading bug, they don’t move faster anymore when holding the corresponding button down for while.

Performance is worse for me over PG areas, a lot more stuttering, mostly the same outside PG areas but feelsa a little slower in densely populated autogen cities. It now has a lot of micro pauses while updating terrain.

Amsterdam PG data is pretty unrefined with some glaring bugs

A lot of floating cranes like London but more crude (missing the vertical parts) and this

What monster lurks around Zuid/WTC

De oude kerk hasn’t been placed very gently into the city

And in a couple places the water looks like this

From a distance it looks great though. I found my sister’s house, the places I went to University and had no trouble navigating through Amsterdam at all with the drone. All very recognizable. Detail seems to be a bit lower than London, but it is new data. De Bijenkorf has its 150 year banner visible, which was 2020.

Amsterdam is a challenge of course, a lot of narrow small streets with overhead tram wires and trees in the way for a clear view. The overhead wires on the train tracks are a mess, it seems the tram ones have been successfully edited out. But really, all those floating cranes need to be edited out. That shouldn’t be too much work for one person to drone through the city and mark floating debris for deletion…

The place where I used to live is right outside the border of the PG area. Funny all the autogen scenery puts ‘grachtenpanden’ everyhwere through Amstelveen. Not sure if that’s an improvement of the previous autogen buildings haha.

Anyway lovely to see Amsterdam again, brought back a lot of memories.


They really need to get a grip on those trees. In places they dwarf the buildings they surround.

When the UK update came out, I flew over Queens Square in Bristol. You couldn’t see the park, as the surrounding obscure it so badly. Too tall, and far too wide.

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I upgraded my internet speed to 400mb and it was well worth the extra $25/month. It’s blazing fast. I was able to download MSFS back in August in about 30 minutes where everyone else had issues even getting it to download in one day. If it’s available I always recommend upgrading.

How is youre sim behaving in less heavy scenery like in greece for example.
If performance is better there for you, than you could consider to uninstall the packages from the marketplace and try reinstalling them again. Maybe and hopefully than it get better for sure this is what i would do and i even would install the liveries and challenges just to be sure.

Hope you will be fine and get back to the skies soon


what do you mean by “this”? the stars? the “NEW” text?

Is that LVAR bridge specific to the JF version of the Arrow, or generic? I was under the impression spad.next didn’t have an LVAR bridge for MSFS yet…

Hi, my system is an AND Ryzen 5-3600 and an Nvidia 1660super. I experienced stutter and sometimes a hangup. I found out that my processor was overheating and throtling back. Installed a better cooler(was AMDstandard). No stutter andthelike anymore. Maybe worth to check.

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Maybe I’ll try again once they fix the broken WASM modules. It’s pretty hard to go back to having to use a mouse and keyboard to do stuff after using a cockpit setup for a while.

Regardless of performance issues, until that’s fixed, MSFS is a no-go for me.

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Just flying around Europe after update and I got to say Thanks ASOBO!
The country side is simply stunning. The variety of objects (trees, buildings etc.) is simply outstanding.

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It does if you are running the Beta version of SPAD, and have installed the LVAR bridge…which you now can’t due to this issue with WASM addons.

It’s generic, so any unencrypted (read non-Marketplace or Standard) aircraft can have its LVARs accessed, and then utilised by SPAD.

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