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YEP - that is the solution. Now I hope that Zinertek will update his prodoct soon - if it is stil neccessary to use? I mean, it was I nice improvement to the default airport textures. Thank you again for helping to find the error.

everybody with Zinertek Graphics had this problem, was a big discussion already


ok - its very hard to follow all discussions :wink: Too hot today :slight_smile: I must admit that I was too lazy to search … but anyway thanx a lot! Now all works. Can you give me a link to that topic or it is here?!

Traffic like hell here at BIIS !!

Small summary of issues with this update I’ve done by reading all comments that may help the devs:

  • No elevation data update for Iceland and Sweden
  • Still too much trees in Iceland or misplaced trees
  • No new imagery for Iceland and parts of Norway + Some places are just barebone flat textures (Svalbard)
  • Too much red houses in Norway and Denmark
  • No radio tower in Stockholm
  • Stockholm has a weird yellow tint ground texture
  • Bad rendering of Vikingskipet in Hamar, Norway
  • No model for the Great Belt bridge in Denmark
  • Vaasa, Arlanda and Bornholm airports don’t have coded taxiways
  • Mountains changing shape when you are coming closer.
  • Broken shape in Lofoten
  • Imagery between Denmark and North Germany are merging/broken (Also Bornholm)
  • LOD and brightness issue on the terrain

Open folder
Official > One Store > asobo-liveevent > Missions > Asobo > LiveEvent

In notepad open file named

Scroll down to


Change 1 to 0
and save changes





It’s working fine for me.

I cannot uninstall the 5,8 GB that installed before I could even get to the Marketplace screen

no, because that was a regular patch. Not the world update. It replaced older versions of those files, so the sim install didn’t get noticeably bigger.

Thanks for your video clips. It really would be better if they left out the additional LOD that is layed upon the other one - even if the zoomed-in texture is a little bit blurrier. Then - in your case the green ist just a little different in tone… in my case (see above) the fields often have a completely different color. And we are not talking about some deserted island in north polar sea - it’s almost the whole area between Hamburg and the danish border.

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The problem with my Denmark VFR map was directly tied to having the Beta Multilanguage Encoding Support checked in Region option of Windows 10. It completely messes up all navigation and autopilot in MSFS. One of the Windows 10 updates decided to check that box somehow, cause I sure didn’t enable it. The problem occurred yesterday and was fixed by unchecking that box.

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ENGM is a big step up, but that isn`t much eye candy :stuck_out_tongue:


ENAL need fixing too, btw! Looks like it`s unfinished :cry:

Did a test flight after installing WU5.
Route from Gothenburg to Copenhagen.
Aircraft today’s Development version of The FBW Airbus.
Lots of scenery freeware from flightsim.to.
FlyTampa’s Copenhagen airport.

Result (for my Alienware Area 51 with a NVIDIA RTX80 video card) was a major improvement. No more stuttering and FPS now above 30.
Check out the flight here:

ive fixed my crashing by uninstalling enhanced airport texctures by zinnertek until it gets an updat should be a couple of days im guessing

Growing up I’ve always been told to never eat yellow snow. How about green though? lol

This looked WAY more of a vivid green in HDR. Obviously, can’t take useable HDR screen shots, so here’s the result in SDR.

Coordinates 58° 53’ 0.10" N 6° 35’ 24.41" E

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Aha !! thx for that tip, BostonJeremy… these weird lines appeared here yesterday (villages with with å maybe ?) opening a Nav Map in Norway. Solved it for my pln using your tip :slightly_smiling_face: beta checked off until it works…

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Best thing about WU5? That ugly Paris photogrammetry loading screen is gone… LOL


Could really have done with some photogrammetry. So many great cities that could’ve been covered in this update.

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Sadly that they still did not include ESKS which still have Norwegian ICAO (this ICAO now belongs to the newly built Scandinavian Mountains Airport as Strängnäs (the original ESKS) is now closed) and Uppsala/Ärna AFB ESCN.
P.S. Why are Nordic types houses are totally not shown in Greenland? I get this view in Denmark a lot after the WU (which have a totally different architecture style) but I couldn’t find any in Greenland.