Discussion + Poll: World Update VI (

That’s your internet connection. Either at your end, somewhere in the middle or at Azure’s end (due to temporarily being “overrun”).

It worked perfectly for me yesterday, when I flew for the first time to Vienna (so no locally cached data).

Cheers for the advice
I have just turned my render scaling to 80 and it’s improved the FPS, from 26 to 39
Mine is ultra and the GPU is at 98%
But thanks for my increased FPS

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Even is you set the render scaling to 100, the lights on night is not perfect!, its better, but not as it should be

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No trees:

Okay, forget it! The last crash destroyed the rolling cache.

Temporary performance drop during flight from 30-40 fps to 4-8 fps. It all started after update 5 and is still after update 6.
It doesn’t help to reduce graphics to low

Tomi, have a look around in this topic. Try disable AI traffic if you’re using it, continue your flight for a sec then re-activate it if you want. My FPS jumped back straight

Still on the fence if the update was better or not. Today I am experiencing one sided conversation with ATC. The altitude correction appears fixed.

Download did not fail or cause CTD but I still experience CTDs, 3-4 so far, in various situations.

I may be having some issues with my ISP but MSFS indicators (Server ping) is still active. I also limited my bandwidth inside MSFS settings to 5 MBIT/S.

I can hear it now: Why? I downgraded my ISP to 50Mbps and feel that may be causing some issues with MSFS. I’m trying to save money so the change from $90/mo to $40/mo is a more important to me. Typically, this kind of self-inflected pain turns out as not better.

Anyway, games and programs, in my opinion, should be in a state machine that checks connection status then makes changes as needed to meet expectations. What I mean is similar to what has occurred during a flight. Something like the pop-up “Bandwidth limiting, turn off Photogrammetry?” that I saw a few times.

If that feature is turned off temporarily because of a connection issue, check to see if connection has restored and start that feature again. It know it is a big ask, but I was once a programmer of embedded applications, this kind of programming is known as self-recovery.

Example: There should also be checks for the specific conditions that cause CTDs, to loop back to a know stable state instead of CTD.

Does Berlin look absolutely horrendous for someone else? I can’t believe how bad of a Discovery Flight it is

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That has likely not much to do with the patch, but rather again just some server problems. I had that also on one flight this week after the update.

That is what I was leaning toward, a server or connection issue, NOT THE SIM itself. but the server is a major part of the SIM.

The “complaint” is that I just can’t start another flight. I have to exit the sim and restart to get it back. That is what I was talking about with a “State Machine”.



I liked and disliked the update since it exceeded my expectations with some things like the Saar-Polygon which is very well captured but also disappointed me in many other areas like the Saarschleife where the “Baumwipfelpfad” is not shown as the lightweight wooden construction it is but as a computer generated building with windows, the ruins of the castle are not shown at all and Trier is absolutely disappointing. I could not find a single one of the spectacular buildings there. Maybe I am blind but I really flew across it several times and also directly to the locations of buildings like the Porta Nigra but to no avail.
Actually, I wanted to post this in the Scenery bugs but I didn’t find a button to post a new entry, maybe I need to reply to posts first as a new user?
Overall, I’m very happy with the quality of the software but I had hoped for more from this update.
Keep up the good work, at some point, you’ll be able to cover most of what users would want to see.

Cologne… 1 Million people, international Airport, Home of Gamescom, one of the most famous POI (worldwide) and next to the Cathedral: barracks(!) and 2D ground textures instead of buildings.

On the other hand Bielefeld and Braunschweig with PG??? Hard to understand…

That‘s not what I expected after WU6. I hope there will be separate Update soon.


Yep, they (MS and their Azure) should really improve the reliability of their serer service.

Here we go ….the good, the bad and the ugly. As I was traveling I just updated about 2 hrs ago to SU6.

Settings: Ultra. 2K. 2070S.

Panning is much smoother and does not cause a CPU load increase as in SU5.

Everything works and update went smoothly (as always).

No garbled buildings in LOWI. Nightlighting ok out of EDDF and into EDDM.

A32NX experimental, TBM with WT G3000 works. 50 to 70fps. Yes we should not take that for granted.

Luckily never had a CTD. (Sorry to those who do).

Update process did not start initially. Don’t like the XBox bloatware app. I was forewarned from the forum that I had to download it. (Luckily one can set it to close when exited and not to start at windows start).

Got the LOWI spikes. Did everything but download the WU6 to no avail.

Clearly can see the trees loading (32GB Nvme rolling cache and stable 300Mbit internet).

Ja ich hoffe das wird entfernt sieht so blöd und unrealistisch aus irgendwie macht das die schönheit kaputt

Austria bush flight is a mixed bag. Cloud reflections spoil it an terrain is inconsistent

I’m might be off the path as the path disappeared in leg 1 and I’m just heading to Salzburg (leg 2) here passing over Traunsee at Gmunden.

Volumetric clouds and Raymarched? Reflections on Ultra.

That has hardly anything to do with the bush flight, it’s just a general issue.

Maybe this game is not for you.

Calm down. I love the game and have played it for over 100 hour since it hit Xbox. There’s a reason I’m complaining about Berlin and only Berlin.

(Those are supposed to be POIs, btw)

I resetted my cache, turned photogrammetry off and on, and it’s still the same. I have a 300 Mbits connection. Frankfurt looks perfect, and so does the other regions that received a World Update, but Berlin looks like it’s been bombed.

Berlin looks wonderful if you compare it to vienna, thats a battlefield