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it always come down to expertise. in the case of a flight sim with several different types of aircraft you need an expert in all phases of flight operation with each aircraft. Sometimes one pilot can have experience with several types but must be proficient in them. Then the expert has to either be an expert coder OR have excellent communication skills, assessment skills, evaluation and reporting skills, etc…or else that expert might as well be anyone. I think what happens is that rather than pilot experts being utilized - gamers are. Beta testers with much sim flying time maybe, and a few hours in the right seat of a friend’s c152 or Piper - but nothing else. This is the only possibility that would explain the relatively poor -or to be more polite - ‘under-developed’ overall condition of the various systems and flight modeling.

Frustrating HARD FREEZES…

I have been running since it became available but when I ran the sim this afternoon I had an update of 1021,82Mib and it gave the information for the update
Was there anything new or was it caused by an error on my PC?
Any ideas please?


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I had this too, surprised and bewildered. But some posts suggest that it was an update for navigational data and no version update. But it is irritating that this isn’t properly informed with the update. And no advance info on the MSFS page either.

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It was just a small update to load the latest navigation data.

Small update - Navdata (January) - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

You can stick a watch on the parent category of that thread, so that it will tell you whenever a new announcement is made.

Edit: oops!!, note to self, read up a bit further before posting. :wink:


Another possibility is one that happened to me:

Having just been a super-hero in a loosely related development field, then taking on a job that included something I knew little about. I figured, How hard can it be? Only later did I come to realize that it was WAY harder and more complex that I thought it would be, and it ■■■■ near sank the ship.

Asobo = Super-hero game engine / environment developer with no pilot experience.

Microsoft = Hey, Asobo, you guys are awesome. Come over and bring this flight simulator up to today’s standards and technologies.

Asobo = How hard can it be?

[A year or two goes by.]

Asobo = "Oh no. This is much harder than we thought it would be. It will probably take us 10 years to get to where we’re happy with it, and meanwhile, we have all these screaming users throwing tantrums and calling us and the product “garbage”!

Software projects are often harder than they seem. For those on the outside, hard things look simple, and amazingly, simple things look hard. Believe me, everyone is doing their best within the resource and time constraints. And remember, we’re living in a COVID world, these people have personal lives, and when under pressure or discouraged, they tend to react just like you do. Their job becomes less fun, and worst case, becomes just another job.

Did they make mistakes? Sure. Are they still making mistakes? Sure. Are they human beings that deserve at least a modicum of civility? ABSOLUTELY.

Jetta, you said, “Regarding airplanes getting updated all the time - this is something I haven’t experienced in 20 years. I’m not sure what your trying to say. I’m speaking to the basics of flying. Did you try FLC in the TBM? I’m just irked that with the slew of install difficulties, CTDs, broken third-party aircraft that you are in defense of some built in expectation I should have regarding quality-control. My standards are just higher than yours, and that’s ok.”

Your standards being “high” is incorrect – they are impractical and unreasonable. In business, no entity is responsible for breaking after-market products or compatibility when the customer has performed unauthorized modifications. They are also not responsible for using the product on unsupported platforms.

For Asobo, this is the whole world of third-party airports, aircraft, professional mods, casual mods, liveries, sceneries, conflicts between mods, overclocked CPUs, GPUs, and memory, graphics card drivers, etc., etc., etc.

Get real. The product is getting close to acceptable for the price we paid and legally reasonable expectations. So quit pushing the arguments into that arena – you can’t fight Microsoft and you don’t want them to pull the plug on this thing before we hard-core simmers get some love.


Since that last small update the live weather does not work for me in europe. Allways a groundtempreture of 20 degrees. That looks way too high, as ist is winter here and makes live snow not possible. Does annyone else have the same issue?

I do not disagree with this at all…and to be clear, I think ASOBO have done an incredible job of stuffing FSX into their Earth Simulation. It just seems that they used FSX original - not even taking the Acceleration improvements or expansion - just FSX original retail version…and stuffed it into their program thinking a few ‘easy’ tweaks to make it look ‘new’ aside from just what the rendering engine could do would be enough to please the community. What we really need is for a handful of actual pilots and A&P mechanics and aeronautical engineers to create or produce a flight sim…along with the necessary software writers. Eventually we might get there

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I’m hoping we’re really, really close already. Our mistake is expecting that to be Microsoft or Asobo. I only expect them to fix the core functionality, add more control over the flight models and other sim fundamentals, and expose the interfaces necessary for third parties to do all the hard work and get paid for it.

What we’ll essentially be getting is close to X-Plane realism with all the Asobo virtual world magic. That’s the sim we’ve all been waiting for since the first Microsoft Flight Simulator!


I use a $25 Netgear 5 port unmanaged switch, with 10/100/1000 mps support. Downloads are fast and reliable via Virgin 100 mps service. PC is cabled.

It fixed buffering issues on our TV and I’ve always been able to download at full speed - this last update took less than 3 minutes to download and uncompress.

It could be that the installer looses network packets, which destroys the file download. The switch has memory on board to buffer packets, which seems to avoid packet loss. I bought new Cat5E cables; longer Cat5 cables that I installed about 10 years ago had poor performance.

Run YouTube “stats for nerds” and see if 1080/4K video packets are lost. Monitor the buffer time and ensure it increases.
On a good system 0 packets are lost and buffer times creep up to 60 seconds or more.
That is a useful test to run and report.

Sorry to drag up a 22d old post, but I dont see anything in my content manager and I was in the programme. What exactly am I looking for?

A lost packet should not break a download unless the download manager for this product is very poorly written. In fact, if the download is in the middle and the PC loses power, a decent downloader should be able to resume where it left off the next time a download is tried.

I’m having no issue here with this product, because I have a decent connection. But if I didn’t and it kept completely restarting because of one missed or stalled packet, then I would be letting whoever know that this is a fatal design flaw (if that’s indeed how it works).

Hi @notarealplt,
Do know if you found the liveries, but they would say “Test Pilot”. They are solid black with blue graphics.

Hey, yes I did thanks. Had to contact Zendesk but they sorted it.

For anyone else reading, I changed my Xbox GamerTag, so had become disassociated from the Tech Alpha Programme. After they revalidated my participation, and corrected my forum groups, the content came down in an update patch


Hi, I know its January so not sure anyone is reading this post. I have not flown the Seminole for several weeks, and there was an update that i downloaded a week or so ago. I also searched for this problem: Today it started up fine at Grand Forks ND airport, but it won’t move at all. I am sure the parking brake is off, nothing blocking the wheels. Full power and it won’t budge. Also I have a lot of popping in the speakers which i don’t notice on other aircraft. Anyone have a solution? Do I have to do a pushback first? There was plenty of room without it? And the wheels are not frozen in ice!!

If you have brake pedals, make sure that the axis hasn’t become reversed, so that the toe brakes are on, when you aren’t pressing them.

Maybe also check that you don’t somehow have another switch set on your controller that overrides anything you do with your normal brake control. Just select ‘Assigned’ in the Controls screen, for each controller in turn, and search for “brake”.

Thanks! I have the crosswind pedals. I will check tomorrow and get back. I only tried the seminole today, yesterday the Caravan was working fine.

I’ve had this happen to me a few times. I’ll be taxiing along after landing, stop for a moment, and when I try to move again, the plane will not budge. One time it sat there and turned really slowly, such that I had turned 90 degrees after 5 or so minutes of full on engine speed and was able to move again. But, when I tried to turn back to where I was going, it stopped again, like it was running up against a wall.

Only way out the few times it happened to me was to restart the flight.

I could never reproduce it though. Different airports, too.

Wet weather will also affect it.
ASOBO apparently changed some friction values, and in wet weather, it requires an excessive amount of thrust to get them to move. That has been mentioned in here quite a few times.
Lately it seems to not even need wet weather.
I found the A320 in the last while to be quite bad in this respect.
Since the Seminole is a third party add-on, it is probably affected even more by this.