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If your refer to my everlasting stuttering the I dunno, something that happened to me for the first time and after our notorious sim update III.

If you mean my never ever CTD situation, I never use any mods, it might play a part.

@sarpouli, all that typing, and all you got was sleepy pilot? That’s actually funny as hell.

It’s related to my disability (and the fact that I insist on trying to fly into the wee hours of the morning). I do it frequently, and have probably overflown Key West (my intended destination) until I was over (or occasionally past) Cuba at least a half a dozen times, but managed to get it turned around and come back for a safe landing. Depending on how much fuel I happen to be carrying, sometimes it requires a quick mid-air top off, but we’ll just pretend that never happened, eh?

Unless they noticed the longer than expected flight time (or the fact that they were seeing Cuba out the window), my passengers would have been none the wiser, and I can blame that on ATC lol.

Well, both FBW and WT had fixes out within a few hours, and I’m already seeing a lot of the lesser known ones I got from flightsim dot to putting out their updates, too, and I doubt most of them even got early access. Seems whatever mods may have been broken are fairly easy to fix.

Thanks for the reminder, though, I’m going to check flightsim dot to again before I go off on my WT CJ4 flight here if I can ever peel myself away from this thread lol…

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Modders can now react to the changes faster. That’s not a bad thing. As long as said modder is part of that elite club that Asobo give advanced copies to.

thats amazing for the influx of mods coming Q2-Q4 2021

For those with performance issues, maybe it’s better to check out and vote on this thread in the Bugs and Issues forum:


I no longer have a dial today on my B787. They are black with the mention: INFO INOP
Do you have the problem too?
Before that worked very well … pfffff

@Crunchmeister71, if you were MS, would you spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel, when we’ve got our friends at WT doing a bang-up job on the G1000s and 3000s, and @ScorpionFilm422’s amazing implementation of the GNS 530 and 430? I wouldn’t. I’d point users to them, and I’d likely seriously be considering buying their IP and hiring them as devs to continue the work they’re doing, except this time actually getting paid (and pretty well) for doing it.

It’s possible, likely even, when they said they were going to do it themselves that they were either unaware of those mods, or they had not yet reached the level of completeness they’re at now, especially considering the rumors that abound about what’s next for the WT folks.

But all that is just me.

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Most likely because it just sounded so humane and sorta cute amongst all that update hype.

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@sarpouli, I don’t know if I’d use the word “hype”. Everything I typed was 100% true, and represents what I’ve been experiencing so far with the new patch. And now that I’m caught up with this thread, I’m gonna go check for any updates at flightsim dot to, and then go fly my WT CJ4 and check out the Navigraph integration. I’ve been looking forward to that since the first time I sat in a cockpit in VR.

Super disappointed that the G1000/GNS’s were ignored. Has there been any response from Asobo about why they dropped the ball on these promised fixes and if they intend to fix, ever? I’ve been waiting and waiting for FS2020 to be usable for IFR… for now, back to x-plane…

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The issue is this overhaul was supposed to address the underlying bugs in the Garmins and nav system that are currently PREVENTING 3rd parties like the WT from implementing the things they want to do. Asobo didn’t fix any of those. The flight plan bugs are still there. The turnaround bug is still there. The VNAV issues are still there. Direct To still doesn’t work right. All the bugs preventing WT from making the Garmins better (outside of cosmetically) are still present and accounted for.

The only real improvement we got was enabling of OBS, only without also enabling the SimConnect and SDK variables which allow hardware to control them. That seems like a half-assed fix to me.


Alright, just did my first attempt at flying, and here’s some of what I noticed:

First, the good: I hadn’t udpated my A32nx in a while, and updating to the Dev model was a nice surprise with a slightly prettier flight deck.

No phantom “USR” waypoints in the flight plan causing the plane to go haywire this time, so that was nice.

ATC brought me in at the proper altitude which was nice as well.

Now for the issues…

No live traffic whatsoever, and I was flying into KORD. Usually it’s impossible to avoid traffic above Lake Michigan on the approach.

The navigation system never picked up the localizer, and therefore I couldn’t do a proper ILS landing. I was visual the whole way. Not sure if this was due to using the dev version of the FBW A320 or if it was because of the update, but either way I’d love to get the ILS system working the way I’m used to again until I get better at sticking the landings.

I’m sure I’ll discover more, both good and bad, but for now I’ll just hope FBW comes out with a stable A320 for this update that fixes my ILS system.

How is it there are patch notes and the things that most obviously changed like, trees, gps, lod… are not even in them? And every freakin time to the worse, I can only speak of one change that was for the better and that was the reverted changes of the night lights which they also only needed to change because they messed it up with a patch earlier.

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after update anyone else still getting melted buildings?

By ‘hype’ I didn’t specifically mean your comments on the SU III, it’s actually the usual thing that happens on here before and after each update, the general bummer that we used to experience here.

Believe me, I’m closer to your side when it comes to my update experience, with not much changed on my sim since yesterday, except for some annoying stuttering and slight decline in fps, which I thought would not recur if I reboot my system next time.

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Have the G2 I I highly doubt any parent will invest the type of money hardcore simmers do. Most kids like fast pace action filled twitch games…as soon as they find out they can’t shoot down other planes it will be collecting dust on the shelves

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Any ideas on how to fix my VFR map being stuck in my face and not in the 3D cockpit in VR mode? I’ve had this happen before if I went in to VR with the map open but I could always fix it by exiting VR and closing it. Ever since this update I’ve tried everything I can think of but nothing has made a difference.

I flew the CJ4 earlier today and the charts integration is awesome and they can be read clearly even in VR.

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I don’t see anything in his post but an excellent description of his
problem and his solution and accepting himself as being the cause.

Are you sure you read his post?

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