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Mods need to be updated after a patch. If you can’t give the authors of the mods a couple of days to update to the latest patch, stop using mods.


I have written exactly above you what the slider does. Try it out and see for yourself.

You know, I had a feeling the so called Garmin improvements were going to fall short of any reasonable expectations…I didn’t expect them to fall this far short, but whatever.

The fact that the 10 degree but is still not fixed, though, is absurd. It is mind boggling how the prioritization process works for this title.


Must have gotten the wrong label then.

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For me at least the annoying Missing Garmin Cover Bug on the DA40 NG was fixed, I’m very happy, one of the most annoying mistakes for me is now history.

And so I can finally say something positive here :slight_smile:

further tests will follow…

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You might want to consider “liking” the post for the next Q&A:
Live Dev Q&A: Guided Question - #14 by CptLucky8

yep its empty

Hey, at least yall can get the sim to load. After update, I can’t even get MSFS to launch. shrug

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If you’re unhappy with the state of the game or the release, please make sure that you’re sharing your thoughts outside of the official forums. Steam/Microsoft Store, YouTube etc.


FSX liveries? Bad joke! (already properly uninstalled).


Exactly. I’m a pretty easy to please guy. I understand a lot of these things are going to take a while to iron out and get to a point where (mostly) everyone is satisfied.

But to specifically tell us that this bug had been fixed, and then not have it implemented in either of the updates since…pretty frustrating.

I know!!! Why couldn’t they import the 737 from FSX instead, instead of letting others try to figure it out. Better still why couldn’t they have just come out with a new 737max rather than letting someone sell it on the marketplace.
Ahhh! Going to walk the dog.

check your mods in the community folder. I’ve had literally no CTDs at all.

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At the VERY least, Asobo, just communicate effectively.

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what the hell is going on here seems to me there needs to be a fix for this latest update.


Could you clarify what you mean by “hold the button down”? I’m also experiencing this issue and would really like to be able to adjust by 1 degree. Thanks!

Yea it’s crazy over Miami, San Francisco with Beechcraft VR. Very stuttering

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I have never had any CTD before could play it with max setting without any problems, until this latest update was installed cannot play it at all now

Well you are not alone with this update and frame rates.
This is what I did to get a reasonable frame rate:

  1. Clear your Community Folder
  2. Start Task Manager and click on CPU
  3. You now have to change your second window top to Graphiccs-1
  4. Reason this program is using graphics_1 which used to run @ 98-100% Now 70-80 reason for frame rate drop.
  5. If you have an Nvidia Graphics card then download Precision X1 from EVGA Web Site.
  6. You will see a screen that has a Memory, GPU and Target window in the top window.
  7. Now leave Memory, Clock and Voltage at default.
  8. Now the Target. Adjustment Power at 100% GPU Temp at 72 . What this will do is bring back about 10-15 frames in your flight sim. When you look at your Task Manager Graphics_1 it is back to 98-100%.
  9. Adjust your Fan Speed to what ever you need I have mine at 75% for both fans. Adjust yours to what ever you need to keep the GPU cool.
    10 Last step save your setting press Apply then to save it to memory press 0 then Save.
    Your done.

This is what is so frustrating to me/you and even Asobo I would think.

The last world update KILLED my performance. The worst it’s been. Then I reset all my settings and things dramatically improved.

And today’s update, I’ve lost about 5 fps but nothing too terrible. It just doesn’t make sense why some are impacted, others are not.