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There are more important bugs to fix than getting rid of one ■■■■ button to start the sim lol Jezze

After flying around for an hour, I haven’t really noticed any changes. I’m still amazed every time I fly it!


How many people are even working on this game anymore? Feels like it’s being run by a skeleton crew, and an incompetent one at that. Almost 2 months after release any hardly anything has been improved upon.


You haven’t mentioned that the colour of the sky in this country (right now) looks bugger all like the sim is showing.

Guys, CTD can cause a lot of things. This can happen on any PC and it is not in the power of the game maker to customize it for each PC. Try to solve these problems yourself. But I understand it’s frustrating, I know it.

I believe one did. [MOD] Start FS without waiting for "Press Any Key" screen


That’s how Zendesk works. Zendesk is a third party application that many developers use. It’s the same across the board.

Also, about the “if it exists,” quite simply developers receive hundreds of false positives. I don’t know whether yours exists or not. If you’re confident it does, “solved” means they’re aware of it.


I know this clearly… man…

this is a metaphor that shows the whole truth about this project …

Yes, must be.
But i didn’t had any problems this morning…

You’ve probably had your graphics settings reset, almost certainly AA settings. Is it flickering on the edges of objects, like console projections on the horizontal/vertical?

What the heck? Guys, have you decided to finally break the game? Return the graphics to the release version of the game.

What are these devilish squares?

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All fine here, looking good, no CTD(never had any, even with VFR map).


Have the following issues been fixed:

  • Crash when ATC delegated to the Co-Pilot
    Workaround: Turn ATC to AI off

  • Crash when Text-to-Speech settings is set to Azure
    Workaround: Turn Text-to-Speech settings OFF

Both were in the known issues but it seems they are not anymore.


I don’t think you folks understand how this works. The existence of tall buildings at all doesn’t mean that there is a bug.

Bing simply doesn’t have data on how tall certain buildings are, so it has to guess. Near large-ish airports, it’ll always place some tall-ish buildings (they’re certainly not skyscrapers), because it expects that there may be some in reality.

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Agreed - and yes, the in-game sky is a really weird colour in the UK tonight!

It can be a coincidence. Or try reinstalling FS and clearing all settings and cache. I also had some problems with FS and tried different solutions. I was even very reluctant to reinstall the OS. I know it’s annoying and it will take a long time for the sim to be tuned. Relatively tuned.

1 hour in still says 10 percent… GREAT… it is 2 GBs lol

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Pre 1.9.3 it was fine every single time. Post 1.9.3 it was nonsense. That remains the case today.

With the CptLucky8’s mod it is fine.

I get how it works. There is a bug.


Sure you do. :joy:

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My sim was optimized and tuned until this afternoon