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What is that plane?

Hi @Th3PerfectOn3. I use the subscription-based ForeFlight app. I use it when I fly in the real airplane so that is the primary purpose but it works exactly the same in the simulator using the “X-Mapsy” plugin to display position and traffic data. Also, ForeFlight will pull in real-world weather (not the weather plugin you may use) and can also display real-world air traffic. Something that actually matches what you see in sim which is really cool when it’s all working.


Hey SquawkIFF, let me share my point of view. I have never blocked or flagged anyone, but am considering it in order to make the forums more enjoyable to me. Here’s an example of what I don’t mind:

“I really hate the “Press Any Key to Start” screen. It was fun for the first 2 times, but now it’s just tedious. Asobo, I know you guys are hard at work, but is there any chance you could release a hotfix and help a brother out?”

Now, contrast that with this:

“Asobo, you are exactly what is wrong with software development right now. You sit around all day, having made your millions, completely ignoring customers who bought your product in good faith. You’re lazy and greedy and I will never purchase another product from you ever again. BTW, your “Press Any Key to Start” feature sucks. Get over yourselves already.”

Both of these comments express frustration over an issue, but which is more likely to motivate Asobo to fix the issue? Anybody has the right to say whatever they want, but this isn’t about rights. It’s about basic, human courtesy and what is the best way to achieve your ends? Accusing someone of laziness and greed might make you feel righteously indignant and justified, but it does no good. It creates an atmosphere of toxicity that many just don’t want to be a part of.

I’m frustrated by a lot of these issues too, and I think this launch will one day be used in college courses to illustrate how not to release a product to the world. But, it’s just a 100.00 video game. My life is filled with hundreds of other forms of entertainment to distract me until Asobo gets this worked out (and they will, mark my words). It’s just not worth all the anger and vitriol.


Did the reinstallation process work the same way for you?

Worth noting:

My cache was turned off when this got patched. Had to set it up again after.

Patches for MSFS always seem to change some of my settings, but this is the first time they disabled my cache.

Took me a few flights to figure out what was going on.

Ah well, good to delete your cache after each patch anyway.

I love the visuals of this sim and I’m still optimistic about it’s future. However, after patch 1.9.5 I’m still getting the eternal thunderstorms, the heading bug still moves in 10 degree increments, the autopilot still causes oscillations, if I use active pause, the aircraft becomes uncontrollable after unpausing. So, now I have to wait another month and hope that some of these issues will be addressed. I don’t dare fly online with Vatsim or PilotEdge in fear of the autopilot malfunctioning. I’m losing my enthusiasm for the sim and I fear I’m not the only one. It’s a shame that I have to use mods created by the community to fix simple things such as external lighting, turning off cockpit labels, etc. I had been a staunch defender of MSFS on Facebook since it launch but I can no longer defend the indefensible.


I found out that the physiks are still on, when pause is active, so when u are climbing and reduce ur trottle, it will be stall, or if u decending, u will overstress the aircraft and crash in active pause.


I never use active pause is simply good for this “escape”. Then there is no such problem. Of course I agree with JackFlash108’s post.

To be fair here - if bug “X” wasn’t listed to be fixed, why would you expect it to be fixed?

That’s how this stuff is gonna go for the foreseeable future, folks. There’s a backlog of issues to address. A handful will be done in each patch.

There are no magic wands for this stuff.

Leider muss ich dir recht geben, Ich habe auch diese Fehler.
Noch was anderes In Deutschland gibt’s Fehler die nicht da sein dürften.

  1. In Ilmenau die Rodelbahn darüber ist eine Brücke oder so. Sieht aus wie eine Autobahnbrücke. Die war in real noch nie.
  2. In Erfurt der Dom oje, warum ist er so plattgedrückt. Der ist matsch. Der Petersperg ist super drauf aber nicht der Dom.
  3. Wo Autobahnen sind darunter verlaufen meist Straßen. Nur der Witz ist die verlaufen mit der Autobahnbrücke nicht darunter weg.
  4. In Manebach warum ist dort Hochwasser. In der Ilm was da fließt stehen Häuser es sieht so aus wie Hochwasser.
    Mein Gott da sind so viele Fehler drin das geht gar nicht sowas.
  5. Ich habe auch ein Riss im Berg gesehen war glaube ich auch Ilmenau aber so genau weis ich es nicht.
    Ja okey das gehört eigentlich zu den Programmierern geschickt.
    Das Spiel kostet sooooo viel Geld. Ich muss auch vernünftig arbeiten und kann mir sowas nicht leisten was ihr so macht.
    Überarbeitet das ganze Spiel und bitte mit google nicht mit Bing Karte

Not all bugs and their fixes are listed in a changelog. A release, that isn’t labelled as an Open Beta comes with certain expectations. Some of these bugs were reported during the Alpha phase and still exist. Some of the issues should be easy fixes, such as the ability to turn off cockpit labels (it’s an option that isn’t working), the heading bug issue. Autopilot functionality is basic to flight simulation and shouldn’t be glitched at this point in the development. I’m not a hater which is why I’m so frustrated. I want this sim to succeed.

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I totally agree that this should have been in a far more polished state before release. But that’s a moot point here - the unavoidable reality is that there are X bugs, and they will be chipped away at a rate of Y per patch. That’s just the situation as it stands.

So we can either (a) continue on and enjoy whatever works at least generally reliably, or (b) put it away for a while and come back to it.

I’d like it to succeed as well, and I’m certainly not going to defend any of the development work, but I just let things outside of my control be what they are and not frustrate me too much.


The voice of reason and perspective. :+1:t2:

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its smoother for me as well

Okay … I have seen if you set the weather to storm then the sea waves are back with the whitecaps … Okay but still there are high waves on the sea when there is no storm, the waves are in normal weather like in a quarry pond

Am I the only one who can’t open the VFR map and Weather menus in-game anymore after the patch? I click them and they just won’t open…

One big difference from all other sims and this one, MSFS2020, is tweaking is needed after every update. Remember all the compliants about this unfinished product. Well, it is unfinished so every update you will have to adjust and reset your graphics and now I have to reset my pilot preferences. They were changed after the update. Im just glad this update did not require all my addons to have to update this cycle. But I bet all will have to change something the next update. Murphy’s Law is coming. Usually I have to wait days for my addons to find fixes to the MSFS changes. I predicted as a Beta tester this sim would not be usable until the end of Oct when the new Airbus throttle joystick would be out. I think Asobo is still on track. He ha

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Am I the only one who have after the patch high buildings on places where in reality lower buildings are standing?

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And from another “Old” but not “Bold” pilot, I’ve had a similar experience. The TBM is my favourite right now, spent 2 hrs in it this afternoon flying at FL290 through realistic real live weather clouds in medium icing conditions. Take off at dusk and landing in pitch dark. Great stuff! Bring on the next patch, I can’t wait.