Discussion: World Update II: USA

The game is all broken, nothing works, but replay is important for you (and many for sure). I don’t get it.

You have to remember these are the same people who thought the existence of the “Press any Key” screen was The Most Critical Issue facing the sim, to the point where they all but demanded Asobo prioritize its removal over everything else. :roll_eyes:

Some people think their tiny corner is not just the only part of the room worth cleaning up, but the only part of the room that exists :man_shrugging:


after update I get these HORRORS
the engines of the airbus a320 do not turn off! when they are off! are still on!
there is no rain effect!
it is not possible to move around the cabin with the keyboard cursors (up down left right)
recalibrate the joystick
runway lights (flashing depending on the angle viewed)
each update is worse they are a delay! they are a shame!

since nov25, i have got issue when i did an update and everytime i start MSFS2020 it restart with the update but never finish the update and i do not know why and i want to us my msfs2020, how can i fix the prob pls

When I load the East Coast Discovery Tour, there is no flight plan. Is this normal?

Probably but look at the bright side: if you have an idea for the simulator and you do have enough followers, they’ll do something about it. The issue is not Asobo not doing what you’d like, rather, it is gathering enough same-minded followers…

PS: but even this might not be sufficient… more than 500 votes, nearly 800 messages, tons of before/after comparison screenshots, sound and deep technical analysis, many contributors are real world pilots and developers, yet, still ignored in the Q&A…

Night lighting issues still in update #7 - The community solutions


IMO, ASOBO is not up to the challenge. Perhaps they were the lowest bidder and got the contract, I don’t know.

I don’t think things will get drastically better until a new group is hired by MS to rework the game, though I don’t think that will happen.


It’s broken. Asobo seems to be in over their head. The changes being made seem to be in conjunction with the Xbox launch of this sim. Lower resolution all around. Let’s see what we can take out, they won’t notice. I for one am boycotting all furture purchase ad-ons. Asobo is turning this into Flight 2020, not what was presented during a year of markeing hype. SAD!


They talk extensively about replay with every single developer discussion. They have a little something working, but, according to them, it is a huge undertaking. Expect it to be finished by the end of next year. It’s not that it’s not important. It’s that it’s ton of work and there are whole lot of other things that need to get done, too, and, technically, which are more important to the sim as a whole.

I’m sorry replay is so important to you. Perhaps you can figure out how to record your sessions as a stopgap until them. I’m sure that’s not everything you’re expecting, my bet is you want to review and/or record your flights from multiple angles. But, it’s going to be quite a while before it’s finished. It’s not like it’s not on their minds and they’re not working on it. They are.


Is there any reason why the update wouldn’t be found at program start? I’m still on and neither the Microsoft Store nor the Checking for Updates routine finds the new stuff. I can see all of the files in the Marketplace that require the update, but the update isn’t happening automatically. Running as admin, rebooted, etc. No joy.

Try flying without the copilot to lessen the amount of weight and then adjust the amount of fuel to move the CG forward or aft. I’d like to look at the POH. Maybe it is now correct and before it was wrong.

I’ve seen this too. Not on all propeller aircraft though

Why does the Freedom Tower in NYC not exist in the update. Just generic buildings at any graphic setting

They mentioned they are bringing a bunch of mask updates in December


Cool, thanks for the heads up. :+1:

It’s there for me, I’ve flown over Manhattan since the update, just got a noticeable loss in FPS over large cities since the update. Could be your connection or MSFS servers not streaming the photogrammetry at the time you were flying.

That said, I was hoping the USA update would improve Manhattan a little and I don’t see a single change. Don’t get me wrong most buildings look great, especially rh building I work in MetLife) but the Freedom Tower looks awful, and the Chrysler has some issues too. The freedom tower renders too dark, nearly black, and the smeared reflections of the glass look terrible and at the top the render its one solid ring. Just looks funky.

The Empire State Bldg and Lady Liberty are about the only landmarks with any detail or accuracy. All other buildings in Manhatten are generic. Is there any way to correct, maybe re-download? A patch from MSFS?

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Will you be issuing a Hotfix to reverse the changes to the Baron Autopilot ?
Update 7 has messed up the Autopilot which worked fine before this update. The AP is now “lazy”. It will not positively either acquire or follow a localiser on approach accurately.
I have sent a bug report to Zendesk.

Agreed. Photogrammetry doesnt work well for glass buildings at all, these needed to be modelled so that the refection’s actually work properly.

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