Discussion: World Update III: United Kingdom

I am going out on a limb here…
Do you reside in the UK?

The quality of the POI’s outside London is very poor

Liverpools waterfront buildings bear one resemblance to actuality

Newcastles’s iconic Bridge is out of context with what the actuals are.

The list goes on and on.

We know we live in the UK and physically have been to these locations, heck I have flown over many.

i think its a garbage “update”
i was much happier with the sim before it happened.

Can’t tell you why, but after datamining this and other forums for the last week, I have seen a significant spike in CTD and login issues plaguing UK users. It appears users in NA are experiencing far fewer of the same problems. The %'s are becoming startling. It’s almost as though UK ISP’s are throttling you guys into submission. (just being cheeky, but there is a serious UK internet issue)


It is possible, but there seems to be some correlation to specific ISPs as well. (prefer not to specify as the evidence is purely anecdotal at this point)
Care to share…

My theory relates more to a problem we used to see in NA with “grouped streams”. Specific geographical areas share bandwidth. If enough users are chewing up bandwidth the higher rate users are limited to ensure an equitable share to the other users on the same switch. Since most users in NA are now connected to ISPs that provide 2,3,4 or more GB fibre service “equitable bandwidth sharing” has, for the most part, been eliminated. I am seeing a LOT of UK users that are connected at 100MB and less. if there is ANY sharing this could drop you well below acceptable levels during high load periods.
Check out this bit of research. Very enlightening.


I tried to fly around London today but I never got off the ground. Frame rates were terrible in VR and my only attempt to take off from Heathrow resulted in CTD.

Has there been any updates regarding the Southampton and Portsmouth Photogrammetry being missing. Last I heard was it was being investigated as wasn’t intentional, Haven’t heard anything since.

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I tried out several of my favourite aircraft around the UK, I’ve been impressed, there’s so much you can fill-in if you register with Flightsim.to. If you love farm runways, then I recommend a few of those packs too. Apart from the irritating lines that appear around windows and dash, I’m happy. Fingers crossed Orbx will update their London packs to make the capital and my birthplace even better.

You can try cashing it with manual cash! Medium should be enough to make it draw better in the far distance.

A lot of the areas I’ve flown over in the UK I’ve been to. If for no other reason having updated mesh and ground textures makes this update amazing. So much more detail to see now and the landscape is undulating and rolling everywhere.

The POI’s are great and the photogrammetry fantastic. Only London kills performance but the rest is very pleasing on the eye and performs well on my system. Flying from the avon river to Clifton is an amazing experience in this sim! This is an absolute belter of an update.

I think if you are from the UK you’ll appreciate the depth and breadth of this update more and if that’s something Asobo and Microsoft set out to achieve then I would say they absolutely smashed it! :+1:


The whole system data wise has for me has slowed since the last update. 97-100mbps consistent download speeds before and now I am lucky to hit 50 on a good day.
New York , Las Vegas etc used to look pretty good, now they are are just grey half built melting buildings, London is just a mess no matter how high i fly, and my PC specs are good.
I have suspected for a while now server capacity may be the root of many peoples issues, I hope i am wrong.

i wouldn’t… the entire sim ran far better before… now its all glitchy and rather ■■■■.
its ok an a monitor… but who wants that ??
VR or nothing for me

…yes amazing indeed…have a look … Big craters at Lyneham UK! - Bugs & Issues / Scenery - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

…they smashed it for sure as it created some big holes in the ground! LOL

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I agree that some of the POIs aren‘t exactly top-notch quality, also some of the London buildings (e.g. Newfoundland and One Park Drive are too small). What I meant with „most comprehensive update so far“ was that they added more features than with previous updates, so more in a quantitative sense. I was rather disappointed with the US update, maybe that taught me not to expect too much.
I think at the end of the day it all comes down to expectations and perspective. These world updates are only small enhancements of the scenery. They will never replace proper city addons (except photogrammetry maybe, if well done).

As a VR user you are obviously a dedicated and enthusiastic simmer and I’m good with that. But please remember that VR needs much higher specs and resources - I’m sorry if MSFS doesn’t meet with your high standards but that’s life - it will get better, just have a little patience. Making derogatory remarks doesn’t help anyone.

A very high proportion of MSFS users, who probably don’t post but maybe watch the forum, DON’T use VR and are perfectly happy with using a monitor, getting excellent results. Okay London doesn’t look very good ATM and I agree that it’s probably down to bandwidth problems, but slagging off the rest of the UK isn’t on when it’s far and away superior to the previous World updates.


I like the UK/IRL update without Photogrammertry because this option is only used in surtain parts of the scenery and to much in London. London is garbage with and exceptable without this enhancement. Therefore Photogrammertry is off by me.


Irrelevant comment …
my POINT is my system has not changed… the sim worked Fine BEFORE the update, now it doesn’t … if you cant understand why i am annoyed… too bad :man_shrugging:

So EGCB (Barton) one of the updated airports has no lighting… had to abort my approach and go to EGCC which is only slightly better…

I kind of agree with your comment - “irrevelant comment” to a limited extent.

It appears like there might be a delta between the “before and after” experiences of
non-VR simmers and VR simmers.

I am NOT a VR user, and I can state that my before and after experience has been a massively positive experience, perhaps “smashing” even. :joy:

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