Discussion: World Update III: United Kingdom

Yep, tried flying from London City in VR. Maximum 20ish fps, when over the city centre it was in the teens.

Flying over Bristol was buttery smooth.

I’m guessing its my GPU memory being maxed out, same issue I get at Paris CDG, will monitor it later and confirm.

Ah, finally a happy individual :grinning:

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Also my house is a measly 1 street too far out of the London PG :joy: Sods law, eh…

HMS Belfast being reincarnated as two super yachts made me laugh, too.

You can tell that is the autogen.
The AI has presented the rocks as trees, and the stream as a road.
It sees the bumps and dips in the Bing terrain data, but translates it incorrectly.
That is one of the bigger growing pain problems associated with this method of scenery.


I have not checked yet, but there are a few of my sceneries I need to look at with the added POI. I will be checking these soon and add update patches where need be :slight_smile:

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In case anyone missed this, it’s in relation to World Update 3. Please vote if you have experienced the same!

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Does anyone else have this issue?
When I fly NEXT TO the modeled cliffs of dover I see the cliffs morphing like in the example below.
Is this still the LOD issue?
Interestingly when you are close to the cliffs it seems to model it perfectly.


I did a quick comparison between London and New York, and the latter appears to have had a much higher level of processing done to the photogrammetry.

This is really evident in the skyscrapers which clearly aren’t custom models but are large enough to stand out. Turning on the wireframe rendering in dev mode shows relatively clean geo for these sort of buildings in NY, but you don’t even need to do that to see the London ones are triangle soup. This also means the geometry is much more dense, and performance seems to suffer accordingly.


I tried yesterday after update with A32nx custom mod version and The aircraft toke off at 100 knots, 35, knots below V2.
Hope We will get a fix soon .
But I’m happy to see pixelated clouds and coastline glitches are 90% solved.


Can certain POI be removed or deleted ?. I am looking to disable Clifton Suspension Bridge which does not look that good.

Yes I have the same issue.

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Perhaps a mod could remove it? One of those exclusion polygons maybe?

Another sacrifice on the xbox altar? I wish I am wrong.

Sorry, I thought I saw they were making it available with this update. It does cost.
Have to say I am so disappointed with London in the updates FS. It looks like the buildings are melting and large areas have no photogrammetry so just look flat. Some have suggested this is down to the servers being overloaded yesterday but I don’t believe that. Either the scenery is downloaded or it isn’t, it wouldn’t download all distorted like this. It’s literally a post-apocalyptic London on show!

Sorry but you’ve taken that at over 2,000 feet, of course you can’t see how bad London looks! Yes FS is marketed at best being seen from about 1500 feet but let’s not pretend we haven’t got in a Cessna and flown at under 1000 feet and been amazed by the wonderful detail. Now, that detail has changed and London doesn’t look like it’s in lockdown but in meltdown!


I hope they release a hotfix for the ground effect (excessively low landing speed)… and not have us wait for months similar to the terrain spikes.

Sacrificed in the quest for an equal experience across platforms? I have no issue with that as long as the PC is the platform the XBox version has to match, and not reduce the PC version to something the XBox can cope with.

It may be tin foil hat talk, but I’ve already posted “evidence” where exactly this has happened from other developers, with console vendors I believe requesting that the PC version be hamstrung so as not to make the PS4, and XBox one versions of a certain game look bad.

When you factor in the UI, and the behaviour of the mouse look features, and negative mouse acceleration clearly geared to a console controller user, it makes you wonder, and worry.

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Looks a bit like Beirut after the harbour bomb went off…

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I note in the release statement it refers to “visual and logical improvements to 85 more area airports.” Does this mean in the UK and if so what airports?Thanks

I would imagine these would be the “starred” airports on the map screen, as well as the tinkered ones, with the other icon whose description evades me for the moment.