Distracting jitter/hitching when looking left and right in VR (SU6 only)

Has anybody else noticed a distracting jitter or skipping when looking left and right in VR? It is way more prominent in helicopters and low level flying and is very distracting.

Frame rates remain consistent the whole time.

This is on a Reverb G2, 5600X, 3080.

  • OpenXR no render re-scaling and 100 In render scale
  • Most settings between Low-Med-High to keep a consistent frame rate.
  • Objects/Terrain LOD = 100
  • Pre Caching = Ultra
  • OpenXR, preview off, Render re-scaling=100
  • Reprojection off
  • Full screen optimisations off
  • No O/C

This can happen in any area - not just photogrammetry.

I have only seen this issue in this build - never been an issue with SU4/SU5/WU5/WU6 even at the same frame rates (30-35).

Tips welcome.

I’m getting this too since SU6. Didn’t happen in SU5.

Running a Quest2 with 3080 16Gb card and 5900HX. A powerhouse of a system.

Link cable used, ASW off and FOV at 0.7, 0.7 like before.

Running in debug mode shows 50+ fps but a “limited by CPU” warnings all the time. GPU memory used is 3Gb (on a 16Gb card) what a joke. All LOD values are below 100 and the rendering is at 80%.

In cockpit on a cheap ■■■ ultra light plane with 3 gauges and I’m getting shimmering. totally ridiculous. My only remaining test is to opt out of beta mode for Oculus app as this had happened to me before. The beta for Oculus was the problem.

Anyway, best of luck to you. For now I’ll be sticking to pancake mode until the next update.

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Are you running Shift Z stats mod by any chance?
This jitter is mostly resolved on my end by:

  1. Resetting VR settings to default (then applying)
  2. Applying your VR settings
  3. Removing Shift Z stats

Good luck!

I think I know what you mean, this is different from regular hesitations or “microstutters”, more like a brief erratic movement in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, at the same time as SU6 there was an update to the hololens drivers/WMR and a new OXR version was available too, so it’s hard to tell what actually introduced this.

Anyway, I’m seeing this too on a G1 but only after the device went to sleep and the sim running for longer and loading different flights and all that. After a reboot this is usually gone for the most part (happens only occasionally for once, with minutes in between)

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Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. I thought it was a sign my Reverb G2 was about to die. Is this unique to the sim for others or does this occur in other apps? I notice it very slightly in the MRP area. Few and far between compared to the sim.

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I am seeing this juttering also in my G2 with 11900K and Rtx3080 even with 45fps.
I cant stand it and have much smoother and better experience with reprojection always on 22fps.


This sounds very similar to my problem with the 3080 & OpenXR reprojection which started with SU5. If it is, it can be cured for some time whilst flying, by temporarily upping the VR render scale by 5 or 10%, hit apply, then dropping it back to your prior setting, hit apply, resume flying.

I also use 3090 and the bug also affected that, but the SU6 update seems to have cured it for the 3090

Other than that, for me there’s literally no perceivable performance difference between the two cards in VR

Yup! Terrible issue, makes it unplayable. I’ve had it since SU5. Very upsetting after spending so much on this headset.
I’m using my Q2 for now, which is much smoother but not as clear.
(i7-10700, RTX3080, 32G)

Same issue here using Quest2 8600k 2080ti 16g ram.

Relieved to read I am not alone in this.

AMD ryzen 5 3600
RTX 3080ti (12gb)
48 mb ram

I reset the refresh to default of 75hz but to no avail. FPS generated by the game are fine. It is in the sending it over the link where it is going wrong.

add me to the list .resetting vr to default then setting from scratch helps a lot but annoying.

I do not use VR, and have been seeing this same stuttering on my monitor when panning to the right and left from with in the cockpit. It started since SU6 for me. And I have reduced my settings to help alleviate it.

G-2 with upper end system and for me this depends on my LOD setting. My preferred Ter LOD = 400 (Obj LOD=200), and above 1500-2000 ft, everything is great. It’s nice and smooth, looks great, and zero stutters. But the lower the altitude, the worse it gets, and landing is almost impossible.

However, if I reduce the LOD to 100, the low-altitude/ground stutters virtually disappear. LOD 300 is in the middle.

I haven’t tried toggling PG, but that would also seem to make sense, with higher PG resource demand the closer (lower) you are.

BTW - this started for me with SU5, though it seems a little better in SU6.

OXR 100/ RS 100, Cache: Ultra, 11GB RAM Disk. Most other settings high/ultra.
AMD 5950x, EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra, 32GB/PC3600, 2TB M.2 Gen3x4, Reverb G2

To be clear on what I’m experiencing, I think @CaptainNuts2000 described what I’m running into. It’s a very brief involuntary and intermittent view in a different location.

I’ve run into the stuttering when looking around but all I had to do was adjust my vr rendering down. 80 is what works the best for me.

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This seems to have been resolved for me with the release of SU7. How about for everyone else?

Yes, seems to be smoother so far.

Same issue running G2 with Intel(R) Core™ i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz and 1080 TI , impossible to use anymore
no improvements

I’ve had it since VR was implemented. I have a pretty decent, new system too and a Rift S. Looking to the sides is a slideshow. Worse over cities and when turning, especially turning quickly. Goes away completely sometimes, over cities and otherwise. Usually it’s all the time. Cured by not looking left or right or turning the aircraft, which is not a solution. Worse around sunset and sunrise. I’ve always had it so it’s just something I’ve grown to deal with. I think it is a cloud-sim interface or internet connection issue. Just a guess, though.

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