DIY control box with THR,HDG,ALT,Land gear and flps

Just a basic setup for the simulator

Arduino Leonardo board
2x Rotary encoders Module for HDG/ALT or VS/ALT
1x Slider Potentiometer Module for thruttle
1x toggle switch for landing gear
1x center off 2pole switch for flaps

can’t get third rotary encoder works because of only have 5 interupts input on the leonardo board :frowning:


looks interesting. Did you get it working in the sim? Can you post some more information about it?

yes, it works in the sim. I will add more buttons to the box.
I’m not a professional programmer but I can answer the questions you would like to know.

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How is this self-built thing shown in the sim as a controller? Can you show a screenshot of that? And how the controls mapping is working?

there are two videoes I just uploaded on youtube. they show how it works.
btw I use joystick library in the arduino code
the box in win10
the box in game

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Really nice! Good work!
If I was not so untalented in craftsmanship, I would try to build something similar :smile:

Anyone know how to map altitude rotary encoder for 100 and 1000 feet steps.?

Ooooh, I have to read up on the rotary encoders.
So far I have only used potentiometers for throttle, mixture and prop. But I found someone else on the net that had 3D files available, so with an Arduino and a 3D printer, I now have a throttle quadrant:


you don’t need to map the encoders for 100/1000 steps. just rotate the knobs faster several times and it will go to 1000 step.

Rotary encoders are different from potentiometers. you need 2 hardware interrupt inputs for 1 encoder.
as I know arduino uno has 2 interrupt inputs, leonardo has 5 and mega2560 has 6 which means you only allow to run 1 encoder on arduino uno, 2 encoders on leonardo and 3 encoders on mega2560.

it’s not so hard mate. i just use lunch box and modified codes from internet :smile:

You can use a encoder with only one interrupt pin if you realy want.

Thx but I have dual axis rotary to imitate real knobs in G1000 or A320 auto pilot panel

Hey Tang!

I’m doing something similar with the rotary encoders but having a tough time with the code. I’m new to Arduino. Would you mind sharing your arduino code? Thanks!

There is a very robust MobiFlight software that is free and uploads custom firmware to Arduino Mega 2650 Rev3 boards and you can do up to 40 encoders, 60+ buttons etc. on a single board, to control anything. I’m building a VR Control Box with it: [WIP] cheap DIY VR Control Box - 6 dual encoder / 8 button / 1 3-pos switch project