DLSS 2.5.1 in Flight Sim?

Just did replace the nvngx_dlss.dll on my 3440x1440/3080 and didn’t see much difference in DX11 during a flight with the C172 G1000. Could be a placebo effect saying they were less ghosting? Don’t know really if it makes difference on my setup.

But thanks to @BaidDSB for letting us know and all for sharing how to test it.

I tried this today and noticed text seems a little clearer but with more shimmering elsewhere, particularly on night flights with city lights in the distance. I switched back and forth between the two DLSS versions a few times and the original didn’t shimmer much at all. Choose your poison I guess.

do you have motion blur on?

No I do not.

I see a little difference with DLSS 2.5.1. in comparison to DLSS 2.4.1.
Some of the little text fonts are better readable.
The sharpness and text quality overall is a little bit better.
It is not much but it is certainly there and fps is the same as before.

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I’m seeing pretty positive results. For reference I run at 1440p and down-sample to 1080p on DX12 in DLSS balanced mode. I got about a 5-10% boost in FPS, and a much better improvement in readability and reduced ghosting on the panels. Pretty solid and almost as good as TAA at this point. The only downside I can tell is some occasional panel/cockpit flickering. Probably because this needs a bit more tweaking before it is “official” for MSFS.

EDIT: did some testing in 1080p in DLSS quality mode, significant jump in FPS (more like a 20-30% jump) compared to the old driver, and see the same improvements in readability and reduced ghosting on the panel. However the overall image quality, notably terrain, in 1080p just doesn’t look as good as 1440p down-sampled.

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I have not the same

I am not able to copy the new dll version (actually any files) under the FS2020 install location - error/warning message mentions: Disk protected is shown when trying to copy the dll manually.

I guess that it is best to wait for Asobo to officially implement this new version…

Which versionnumber of xbox app do you have

You can find it here

Should this not update to the latest version if one updates the GPU drivers? I updated to the latest (528.24) but my dlss file is still ( 11-24-2022

no, the dll file is in the respective games directory and not every version works with every game. sometimes the game developers first have to optimize their program for newer dlss versions. but trying it yourself won’t break anything.

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Just to give a feedback after few days of active Scenery Editor use and scenery testing (multiple MSFS relaunch) with the DLSS version 2.5.1 DLL.

It’s hard - on my setup* - to claim that the quality has been widely improved. Maybe less ghosting and a slightly better readability of digital gauges. But overall the stability is very good :wink:

UltraWide 3440x1440, RTX3080, Ultra, DLSS Auto or Quality


I also tried it on DLAA mode.

My conclusion is that there is less ghosting and blurriness across the whole screen so the image is sharper BUT it does not fix the ghosting on html based displays. However the readability is slightly improved.

Unfortunately it’s not even visible on screenshots or videos due to compression :frowning:

Note than RTX4xxx serie users may also try to update the frame generation DLL. MSFS use version, and new version is available.
Name of the file: nvngx_dlssg.dll (with an extra g at the end vs nvngx_dlss.dll for DLSS 2.x):


Im gonna try this today. Thanks for the link.