DLSS 2.5.1 in Flight Sim?

As discussed here, DLSS 2.5.1 improves DLSS SIGNIFICANTLY. Seems like the quality DLSS of previous version is equal to this version’s BALANCED version.

That seems true according o the benchmarks. So maybe we can get even better performance from DLSS on non 40 series cards?

Now how to use it. Well for one, Asobo can implement it. But while we wait, there is a way to use new DLSS dll files in the games where older DLSS versions are used.

Anyone knows how to do that?


Wait a minute or 2, let me have a look.

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Download it from Download NVIDIA DLSS DLL 2.5.1 | TechPowerUp

Then extract and copy to the folder where “FlightSimulator.exe” is located, in my case it is “H:\Steam - FS-2020\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator”

Let it overwrite the existing one.


have you tested it?

also i use gamepass, so what folder would i put this in for me? i cant find the files.

Open xbox app
Select control microsoft flight simulator app

It will bring up

When opened up bring you this

Then open up the content folder and scroll down till you see this

Then here you can copy the content of the zipped file after unpacking
Off coarse you do this at your own risk, so be warned and think before proceed and make copy of the old file(s) before paste the new one(s) which will overwrite the old


Edit. Found it. Running tests

Yep, that’s how I updated several games to this new DLSS version (E.g. Cyberpunk, Death Stranding, etc.). You just have to replace the old file nvngx_dlss.dll by the new one (backup the original one, we never know). Keeping your mouse on the dll will show you the version number (or checking file properties).
I confirm it’s a good step in quality. Even DLSS Ultra Performance look better now.

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That’s basic knowledge, IMHO.

Fastest way to do it:
Mark the File, CTRL+C, CTRL+V


ya like holy ■■■■. Balanced at 1440p ultra gives near 60 fps and never dips below 30.

and i can read everything on the FMS EASY


And as DLSS 2.x work also in VR (not DLSS 3) it should be interesting to try it too as GPU usage is mainly the issue in VR (usually)…

Still blurry on 3440/1440

Faster than fast via DLSS swapper and auto backup :wink:





Didn’t know this tool.

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really? i didnt see much blurriness if any

The DLSS Swapper didn’t find my MSFS2020 which is from Microsoft store and the executable is in:
C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.29.30.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe

And I get permission problems to rename the old version of the nv… dll using a powershell (with run administrator)

You shouldn’t touch WindowsApps folder!

Check again via xbox app.

Open xbox app > under installed click msfs
or my library > click msfs > click 3 dots > manage > files

yes check the xbox app for location and if needed, manually replace the dll file.

Nice. Thanks a lot.

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As I said above, that’s where the nv…dll file is and I am just saying that the DLSS Swapper doesn’t find MSFS when it runs - it does find War Thunder and 3DMark. Amyway, I only have read access to that file even with running powershell or CMD as an administrator.

I did run Xbox app on my PC and it lists MSFS.

Same here. I wonder if the rights got messed up when upgrading to Win11 ?
Or else it’s a meaning of “Administrator” I didn’t know yet …