DLSS 3 + Frame generator + Vsync

With this 3 voices on the fps going high and not at the Vsync setting (in my case 120hz monitor)

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Curious if anyone has found the best way to get vsync to work with MSFS (if possible). I can force it on nvidia control panel, but there’s massive lag.

dont change somewhat within NCP… simple enable it within the in-game settings and it works.

If issues, do some test-cases with enabled and with disabled nvidia Frame-Generation. The result would be interessting.

So I have it just enabled in game now, but still getting screen tearing on interior views. Perhaps it just needs to be refined in an update?

Are you using DLSS3? Do you have a GSync monitor? In my case Gsync on and vsync with Frame-generation works fine with little to no lag.

you get tearing if you have higher fps than your monitor can handle… and avoid that is the only thing for what Vsync exist. Are your fps above what your monitor can handle ?

Andd the question is then still open: does enable/disable nvidia Frame-Generation change the situation ?The question is important, because the game not know about that “magic” Frame-Generation and may be in that case, the in-game setting have an issue ( repeated: a guess, a may be, a… :slight_smile: )

@WarnersWorld yes… Gsync is then for syncing below the monitors max fps

Yep, Gsync only works in conjuction with vsync, if you turn off vsync (in the NCP) then you still get tearing at frame rates above the refresh rate of the display.

From what I have found, the in game Vsync option does not work great when using frame generation.

The easiest way to work around this if Gsync is not available and when using Frame generation is to set a frame rate limit using the nvidia control panel. This will introduce a small amount of latency but not a massive amount.

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hmm… a max fps cause a lag ? I’am not sure about, thought not.

Lots of users dont like Vsync, and you can simulate that in the way that you set a max-fps-limit which is 3-5fps lower ( its a bit try out ) than your monitors fps. This works like a Vsync, but without the small lag vsync can cause.

here we should collect more informations. I would understand that with FrameGen the in-game setting may be have an issue, but at least enable that in nvidia control center should allways work. I never noticed a “lag” with vsync, but if so, then users can try the mentioned max-fps-trick :slight_smile:

The latency comes about because of the frame that is inserted, the lower you limit the frame rate the higher the input latency (its essentially doubled due to the inserted frame)

Its hardly noticeable though.