DLSS Balanced - Shadows/clouds are wavy, shimmery, blurry and pixelated on the horizon

I get this weird wavy appearance of clouds/shadows on the horizon when I’m flying around, and it’s usually coupled with intense shimmering. I think this is only happening when using DLSS.

If you mean the lighting on the top of clouds that do some kind of wavey pattern when the sun is close to the horizon this also happens without DLSS in certain situations/scenarios.

I may need to test more to see if this is only happening in preset weather. Would seem odd if so!

No. This is different. Everything seems wavy on the horizon. It’s hard to explain but it’s very distracting. It might only be preset weather, but I’m unsure. Even so, it shouldn’t be happening as it looks very odd.

Maybe see if you can recreate it and take a video of it.
And share of course how you did it.

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