DME for Cessna 152 and 172 steam gauge aircraft

I am not aware of any alternate ways for slaving the DME with NAV 2 without diving into the code which is beyond my capabilities.

I doubt that there would really be an operational requirement for DME on NAV 2 as an ILS or VOR approach would be conducted using NAV 1 which is the primary instrument. It would seem that GNSS is the primary means of navigation now and the radio nav aid is secondary or back up as Yuudai5178 explained earlier in this thread. I believe the better question for us to ask is how do we use the hardware presented to us to navigate and fly to the rules of instrument flight.

Maybe we should ask for customisable (swappable) instruments in MSFS? That would be revolutionary. And I totally see this feasible.

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On a C152 a DME panel is a bit overkill, I don’t believe the thing is even IFR equipped anyway. Does the steamgauge C172 have DME?

Nope, no DME in the 172 steam.

Half the analogue aircraft I flew IFR never had DME. Where avaliable, we just used (though a simple and outdated model), GPS-in-lieu. Otherwise, a clock would usually suffice. I wonder how many people still fly to timed missed approach points?

Whilst definitely more challenging and possibly limiting re which procedures you can conduct, DME is not required at all to fly IFR. Lots of aircraft never had one fitted, so it’s not unreasonable that some FS aircraft don’t either.

In European airspace it is mandatory in order to be BRNAV equipped. And timed approaches have disappeared, might be one or two left at places there is no DME and no RNP approach. But I agree the C152 doesn’t need DME, it’s not IFR equipped anyway or is it?