DME for Cessna 152 and 172 steam gauge aircraft

It drives me insane that aircraft like the Cessna 152 and 172 don’t have any DME capability, which renders basic radio navigation at least halfway useless. I assume it’s not that hard to code and model and therefore I would really like to see it in the near future. I don’t think it’s reasonable to wait for some 3rd party developers to chime into such a basic and essential feature.

but it taught me how to use the formulas to figure out where the station is, something i didnt know

The 152’s I flew IRL were not equipped with DME and only a single VOR.

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Since 152s usually don’t have a DME, I don’t see a reason to add one in MSFS.
Many VOR approaches can be flown without a DME.


Let’s go one better.
Modular Avionics.

Want a DME in the C-152 sure plug it in. Want a 530 instead of the “totally not a bendix king Silver Crown Nav/Coms”? Sure.

G5’s to replace the AI and DG? Yes Please.

Not just on the '52, but all the non-glass rigs.


Speed in Kts x 1,15 ÷ 60 = Mn at minute x distance in Mn = Time of percorrence.

Hi I think there’s something to fix on the actual analog prop planes. Non of them have any dme capabilities as there’s no dme display on cockpit. Also for example the Cessna 152 has the ability to check DME morse but the distance and DME will not used. I thinks this is a basic instrument for IF navigation as well a very useful feature for VFR navigation for position fixing.

I beg for an update of this.

Me too. I fly a lot of VOR-VOR GA flights and miss having a DME readout.


Can we PLEASE have a DME option in the C172, C152 (6 pack) and other non Garmin aircraft?

I don’t know about the rest of the world but in Australia many procedures specify DME as a requirement.


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Not for that much longer. CASA has left VOR, NDB and DME stations as a backup network until 2025 when they are all to be decommissioned. But more and more are being decommissioned every year and have been since 2016.

Yes this is as I understand it also though ILS still have DME associated with the glide path as marker beacons are being phased out. ILS will still be with us for quite a while yet until other systems such as GBAS have proven reliability and when CAT III GBAS are the norm. There are still plenty of VOR/DME installations around the world still in use and being maintained so I still value the DME receiver as necessary equipment.

As someone who installs and commissions DVOR, DME, NDB and ILS systems in the Asia Pacific region I still regard the humble radio navigation beacon in high regard and perhaps with a little nostalgia.

Me too. I think this is a bug, not some thing for the wishlist.

I was hoping for a fix in patch 2 but nop. We have to wait for the next patch.

unfortunately this is not a bug, is just a fail in panel design and development. This is simply not been developed and modeled. To be a bug we would have to see the the screen or dme readout equipment but there no any

Thank you Carenadfo! The KN 64 DME receiver in the M20R works a real treat.

Those with a Saitek Radio Panel can use the DME on the radio panel. It works with the NAV1 radio. It displays both distance and speed.

It made my day when I remembered it was there and gave it a try.

Works in the glass cockpits too.

Now there’s a good way to spend more money :grinning:

Hi. you know tell me how to change the dme from NAV1 to NAV2?

The KN64 DME is a single channel transponder which in the Mooney Ovation is associated only with NAV1.

Do you know any alternatives ways for associate DME to NAV2?