Do I need a link cable with the Oculus Quest 2?

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I’m a total newbie when dealing with VR, do I need a link cable to use the Quest 2 with MSFS 2020?

(ps, I did do a search but didn’t see anthing).


The Oculus Link cable will probably give you the highest quality, but it does work with an app called “Virtual Desktop” that lets you play from your PC wireless over WiFi. You can buy it on the Oculus store and then use an additional app called “SideQuest” to install a patch for it that allows you to play in VR over the wireless link.

You also need the latest beta of Steam VR for it to work.

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You need a cable yes (or the Virtual Desktop solution @EndDays mentioned). It is by far the easiest and most stable solution. But you do NOT specifically need the Oculus Link cable, it’s just a good USB cable. I bought a USB-A to USB-C cable specifically for the Quest 2, but not from Oculus and it was 1/3 of the price.


Thank you both very much for your answers. The hard part now is just waiting for the headset to arrive.

Have a great day!

My experience is that the oculus link is still really in beta phase. Virtual desktop works so much better in all regards. Also quality wise.

Especially if you consider the fact you dont have a cable that drags your head. Its such a relief!
You can walk around in your plane, around your plane. Heck! If your wifi is crazy enough you can walk around whole New York city if you want! :sunglasses: :smile:


I tested both Virtual Desktop and Link and prefer link quality

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I have Quest 2 and a good c link cable. However, I don’t get anything when hooked up. I must be missing something. I don’t want to go through Steam unless I really have to.

You should get an option in the headset to enable PC Link. It’s within the settings menu and within the quick launch menu after you plugged in the cable. Mind that you should have the Oculus PC application installed also.

Actually this is no longer true, my Q2 works fine with Virtual Desktop and the regular SteamVR.

What is the Oculus PC App?

Under “Oculus Link”, press the “Download Software” button and install that to your PC.

I have downloaded and installed the Oculus software. When I connect the cable and select ‘Desktop’ I and see the cockpit that’s on the computer screen. However, it doesn’t look 3D and it continually switches between the laptop screen and black.

You need to switch to VR in the sim.

No, you shouldn’t select desktop, that will just show you your PC desktop from within the headset doesn’t it? When you are in the PC Oculus environment within your headset that is all you should do from there. Then you should be able to switch to VR mode in the sim, either by pressing CTRL+TAB or by switching it on from within the menus. If all goes well that will give you a screen on your monitor with two displays, then when you put on the headset you should be in the cockpit and all you have to do is press the spacebar to center your view.

I’m currently running the Oculus Quest 2 via the virtual desktop client, and my experiences with MSFS 2020 are better than when I used my Rift S via Oculus Link. I haven’t purchased a Link cable to pair with my Oculus Quest 2 yet, however, the quality/performance I’m experiencing with other VR games that I play I’m in no rush to tie myself to a cable. Since my 5Ghz wireless network can sustain a 1 GB throughput I can max out my streaming bitrate via Virtual Desktop with minimal latency all while maintaining 90 FPS in every game I play except for MSFS 2020 (30 FPS).

If you do some research you’ll find debates over which method delivers better performance/quality, Link or VD, and the consensus is that if you have a great 5Ghz Wifi 6 network you’ll be hard pressed to discern the difference if you were to use a Link cable. The argument is that the compression technology being applied when using a 3.0 cable via Oculus Link delivers lower quality opposed to using the Quest 2 via VD with a optimal wireless network. Of course changes to the compression method is expected to be delivered via future updates. However, I’ll purchase a Link cable at some point in the future, but as I said earlier the quality/performance I’m getting now wirelessly is better than what I was getting with my Rift S so I satisfied for the time being.


Small OT: I’m thinking to refund the Rift S and getting a Quest 2, especially for the higher resolution, since the characters on the flight displays are not really readable. Do you think does it worth doing the exchange?

I’m getting there. When I do that it tells me that the app doesn’t have permissio. I can’t find MSFS anywhere in Oculus to change permission. I installed XBox but it’s not showing up.

Can you specify the exact message you get and from which program it comes (MSFS, Oculus)?

I’m there finally. I had to go into the Oculus software and allow apps from Unknown Sources. Thanks for all the help. What is the empty black frame that’s floating around?

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if you get the weird black frames, disable the ‘Use FOV Stencil’ with the Oculus debug tool.