Do I need reinstallation if I change my Microsoft Store account on same PC?

I play this game with my cousin Microsoft Account ownership, logged in my PC MS Store.
I have another game (Forza Horizon) in own my Microsoft Account.

I can’t play Forza (ownership failed) if MS Store logged account is still my cousins’, I have to logout-login to my own account.
And I can’t play Flight Simulator 2020 too if MS Store logged account is still mine, I have to logout-login to my cousin account.
This method is quite troublesome.

Finally, I bought Flight Simulator 2020 with my own account so I don’t need switch account every time I want to play game.

The question is, Do I need remove installed Flight Simulator 2020 on PC first and then redownload/full reinstall again from MS Store now using my account?

Or after I switch MS Store to my own account, I can go straight fly with previous installation without crash/error risk (+ saving bandwidth and time) ?

Thank you.

I believe, if the product that is still on your PC, is owned also by the new account, it will run fine, after it is checked and authenticated by the MS servers as being owned by the login account.

You will find out quick enough when you try !!

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I have Another same issue
I have TWO licence of MSFS Premium and i can’t play at both in the same time …

That’s a strange one !!

If you have two Premium licenses, ie two Logins, you should be able to log in with Computer A, with license A or B, and then log in with computer B with the other license.

This is effective what any two MSFS users are doing independently of each other ( ie You and Me), or two people in the same Household, with two computers with their own license.

You are almost implying that two copies of MSFS cannot run on the same Internet IP address ? Surely that cannot be true.

Yeah two licence one buy with MSFS store and a second one buy with Steam…
But when i launch my steam version it seem to be connect to the same microsoft account…
I have only 1 User associated with Two License If i have an correct understanding of my situation

OH dear !! That is indeed an issue.

Hopefully you can get one of those licenses transferred to another account

No idea how you would go about that – sounds like it might not be easy …

maybe @Jummivana (Community manager) can help you

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I confirm after changing Microsoft Store Account and then reinstall Microsoft Flight Simulator (MFS) via Store without downloading full packages WORKS.

What I did:

  1. Move contents of Packages\Official\OneStore folder (and Community if you want) to another drive. This for backup. In case this BIG files/folders deleted too when uninstall MFS 2020;

  2. Uninstall MFS 2020. Right click its icon from Start Menu → Uninstall;

  3. Open Microsoft Store. Click your old profile account → Sign Out;

  4. Right click Microsoft Store from Start Menu → App Settings, after Settings app page shown, click Reset Microsoft Store;

  5. On Settings app page, navigate to Accounts → Email Accounts page. Remove/Delete your old account (if you want completely remove from PC too);

  6. Open Microsoft Store again, Click profile icon → Sign In with your new account;

  7. Search MFS 2020, from search box or My Library Microsoft Store. Install MFS 2020;

  8. Move back Packages\Official\OneStore folder to original location;

  9. Run MSFS 2020. On package installation welcome screen, browse/choose your Packages folder location;

  10. MSFS 2020 will automatically check and download small KB files for a moment, and voila, finally landed on Main Menu.

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Fantastic news … I am so glad that that worked out for you.

So refreshing to hear Good news from the community

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Message send to @Jummivana … Thanks for the advise hopefully can recover my two licence !

To your system account that why you can’t play at the same time.

Create new user account and install steam version.

For testing purpose unlink your xbox live account and steam profile.

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I test this immediatly Thanks !

Thanks very much !
Your solution work perfectly

Solution i have follow :
Create a new user in Microsoft
Create a new microsoft account
Install Steam on this new user
Réinstall MSFS on this new user throught steam
When the Launcher try to connect to XBOX, connect to the new microsoft account with the new credential

And it work ! I can play on the 2 different Computer at the same time…

This is not a really very easy solution and i’m very disapointed by this complex procedure… I don’t like to have multi microsoft account… it’s very hard to manage !!

Why i can’t have an other user linked to my unique Microsoft account !
If i try to Buy a new licence for a different computer for play together how can i manage this ? 10 Licence … 10 Microsoft account !!!

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You’re very welcome.

Mark as solution :slight_smile:


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Here is the solutions:

For reinstallation after changing to new another MSFS 2020 licensed Microsoft account:

For workaround same Microsoft account connected to Store and Steam version:

Thanks all for your help,
Happy flying.

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