Do I need the mount with Tobi Eyetracker

Thinking or replacing my old TrackIR, which busted, with the Tobi. Do I need the mounting kit?

It’s recommended you mount it directly under your display.

It comes with a mount so you can attach to either a straight monitor or curved monitor.

I have a curved 34in 3440x1440 monitor.


Tobii also sells a tripod attachment that you can use. I chose to go this route after the adhesive supplied with the mounting kit failed. It’s expensive, and you have to wait for shipping from Sweden, but you can consider it as an option.

BluTack also works haha

Most of my rig is held together with that stuff.

The bottom of my screen is obscured by the Auto Pilot unit so I had to try this. Works OK.


I seem to have developed a strange fixation with magnets and can report that these work a treat with Tobii. Those very small metal plates and craft or button magnets attached to the front of the monitor (offset in my case, dont ask…) or wherever you wish, will have you sorted out in a flash.

I use a similar method for securing my Stream decks, stopwatches, clearances, etc. To my panel and it all works brilliantly.

It comes with everything you need. No need to buy anything extra (at first). After awhile, the adhesive attaching to the bottom of your monitor will fail. What I did was use a small inexpensive camera tripod. Attached the tracker bar with a piece of 3M tape ( the strong type used to attach parts to autos). Place the tripod in front of the monitor. You can change its position to suit.

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