Do not force us to download unwanted content

I haven’t missed the point. Only during installation, yes, you would have to download it.

You can’t please everybody. The fact that you have to install the world updates separately in the content manager instead of being applied automatically also had quite a few people angry.

There is no way you can do it right.

I think this is the best of both ways. Initially, you can see all the planes that are there and what is possible and from there you can deselect stuff and end up with a more lean sim.

If only the core system was installed, people then again would argue that they have to first download everything to test whether they want it or not.

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Xplane was one of the best I have ever seen in installers.

Installer lets you choose which part of the world you want to install.


We will have to disagree.

Let’s leave it at thst.

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An Option to “Opt out of mandatory updates”.

If and when they get the sim back to a level graphically pleasing, I want to opt out of any further updates. I simply can’t trust you to get it right. I have no trust for you anymore.


I want to be able to unsubscribe from owned addons, like the aviators and xbox liveries. Personally I´m not interested on it now due to the increasing number of free liveries published nowadays. This one in particular books 2 Gb of space and the liveries are spread into 70 different folders depending on the aircraft, so not installing/deleting them is a terrible manual task and new liveries come over the time with every new plane release like the Junkers. Also the process takes ages to complete even if done manually due to the individual installation instances required. So please either they are packed into a single bundle so that I can choose to delete all in one go without having to select them manually or we have the option to turn the pack into “not owned” state again which would be my preferred solution.

Same principle applies to other free content that is comming such as the Windows 11 scenery and others that may come in the future. Please let us unsubscribe (permanently remove them from our account).

Other option alternative to unsubscribe the addons permanently is to be able to move them to an “archived” category in the content manager, so that they are not mixed with the not installed/update available addons and definitelly they are not included in the future updates like the SU patches. This would also allow us to get rid of payware content which quality is not fine without losing them completely from the account. Both options could be included in the content manager to allow easier handling of our account content.


This is a fantastic thread.

I only fly helicopter and currently flying Flyinside Bell 47-G2 and Hypeperformance H145.

I do not fly airplanes.

It will be amazing to delete all airplanes from my Content Manager or to select only the aircraft of your choosing.

It will also be amazing as discussed in the forum to be able to uncheck Asobo"s Airports in favor of custom Paid Airports.

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(The context to this statement is regarding moving unwanted content away from the wanted content in the Content Manager)

From time to time there is content that I no longer want. Either Ive replaced it with a better version, or there is a conflict with other content etc. But when selecting Select All the unwanted content also gets selected and could be reinstalled by mistake.

I don’t know why my topic was moved here. It has nothing to do with the OP request. I am not experiencing having to download everything during an update.

Interesting idea for the lazy among us who don´t want to manually delete a dozen fantasy liveries (like XBox aviator or others) that get added automatic to all airplanes after updating.
Voted because a true sloth like me only does the bare minimum amount of mouseclicks in a main menu :smiley:

They need to fix where when MSFS comes out with update we have to redownload all world updates etc.

They recently came out with an update yesterday. I downloaded the update woke up this morning I have to redownload world updates etc. 60+ 100gb of items worth of stuff that was previously already installed before the update.

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Yes, the update process really needs to be updated itself.

On Steam, we have the Steam update, then the Market Place for World Updates and then the Content Manager for other updates.

Not a deal breaker by any means I know and just the same now as it ever was, but I can’t help but hope that some bright person at Asobo might one day come up with a one button update press. Not a deal breaker as said but it would be a nice quality of life update if it was made easier.


I wanted to clear some space by deleting unnecessary files, for example all the default liveries, tutorials, discovery flights, bush flights and what not, saved around 9 GB… and every single update I have to download all of it again. I don’t have a choice. Why? I deleted all of that for a reason! I don’t want it!
Please stop downloading content that we deliberately uninstalled for a reason in updates…

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Unless you have told it that you don’t want the items, it will simply put them back.
If you just delete the files, the game is programmed to check its own integrity when it starts.
If you “delete” them in the Content manager, then they will not (usually) reinstall.


That’s the thing - I delete them using content manager, and they are still redownloaded every update.


And that Exactly is the regression, and issue with the 1st beta release of SU13

Exactly. In the past, the packages I’ve deleted from CM remained deleted. But with this beta release, they came back with a vengeance. I think I ended up deleting over 200 of them after this beta dropped.

For me, this issue have haunted me from time to time. Sometimes after crash or abnormal close or similar, MSFS forces me to redownload every first party package I have ever downloaded from the content manager. And that taught me to keep a full back up of things in a cheap big external hdd. Still faster than downloading over internet.

It’s like the game forgets that you removed all those packages intentionally. Also, not sure why there is no option to skip downloading non essential packages like handcrafted airports, activities, aeroplanes and liveries. When it propms to download packages at the start, it should prompt to customize what to download and what to skip…

Really hoping this gets better in 2024.

another vote to please fix this.

Heavily annoying especially MSFS is still to dumb to detect multiple sceneries active for one single ICAO code.

Yes, it’s extremely annoying. I’ve done the same thing – deleted things I don’t use such as landing challenges, activities, default a320nope, default liveries, ugly buggy “handcrafted” airports that no one asked for that I’ve replaced with third party… and poof, they’re all back. It was a pain deleting them all again.

YES, exactly. Asobo, please let users to select region (on map by selecting countries) where they want to fly, select aircraft that they want to have, if they want to use liveries and many tons of other addons and save our HDD space, time and data for download and installation of MSFS. My MSFS instalation is now on 1/3 of first installation size, but it took me more than 2 hours to select what I want and what not. Why Content manager haven´t all items assigned to categories, like Aircraft, Airports, Liveries, Trainings etc? Than will be much faster to select what I want and what not. After delete of all unwanted content now is MSFS MUCH FASTER to load and run than before. Please, if anyone think it is a good idea to implement it, add heart and vote for this … Thank you.