Do not force us to download unwanted content

With every update I have to download endless gigabytes of data of airplanes, airports and liveries that I don’t want. The upgrade mechanism should NOT force us to download previously uninstalled content. Also any future liveries etc should be optional for those who want them. I just downloaded 1,5GB of liveries just to delete them immediately after.


Not everyone needs to install 110gb of packages they do not need right away, especially without a 50 mbs fiber connection.
It would have been nice to download first whatever core software needed to fly a plane, then install one plane and one airport. From there give the player the choice of aircraft and airports to install.
Not everyone is right away interested in flying large jets, not everyone needs installing light planes if not interested.
Waiting days to download the full game, is very frustrating, that include numerous crashes.

Impatient to try the marvel of 2020…


Well… a download of around 90GB is not uncommon today. The last installation of Call of Duty was at least as large as MSFS if not larger.

But of course you are right, in other products you can choose which part of the world you want to install and which not.

In the end I dont care, it took me 3 hours to install, I wouldnt even mind if it takes 15 or 20 hours to install. You install it just once and then you are done (hopefully :smile:)

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True, software tends to use all resources available.
My FSX weights 40 gb with some extra scenery and aircraft. But it was already usable with the initial 2 DVDs…

Have pleasant flights…

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An improvement idea: it is a smaller inconvenience but with more manual airports and more scenery installed, the disabling of scenery will need to be repeated on each major? update and on re-install(s).
Related to this thread.

When updating Asobo airports that were previously disabled, where 3rd party was available or preferred - the Asobo airports are enabled again.

Please add a feature to remember previously disabled airports and restore them, or maybe have them do so during update.

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Except for the new liveries, this time MSFS didn’t download any of the previously uninstalled aircraft, airports etc…
AFAIR this wasn’t the case prior to the latest world update either.

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Yes it does - 787, 747 I am forced to download with every update.


Strange. Are you sure that it’s not only the liveries?
I don’t have the 747 installed (and the update didn’t re-download it), but it did download all the 747 liveries.

How can I delete the planes?
Where do I find the?

Go to the content manager, select and delete them.

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I have so many files there.
What are the files called?

Yes. The same applies for example to south american airports. I delete them as I do not fly in SA. Then next update I see them being downloaded.

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I don’t understand. Click on the aircraft, airport etc. you want to remove and select delete.
Essential files can’t be deleted.

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Totally agree! 1.5 GB of trash !!!


Even after removing out of the Community of the fancy liveries as Kenmore, Tropical, Global etc because they are unrealistic, then with the update they return, Gor saving dowenload time and storag space I would like to have a choice-function whether or not to download these livceries during an update.
Piet de Geus

If you manually remove them, they will be redownloaded because you never told MSFS that you intentionally removed them.

You have to select and delete them from the content manager. Problem solved.

I have no interest in liveries, training, discovery, challenges, etc.

These are, for me anyway, useless, space-hogging game addons. 22.5Gb of them.

I bought and paid for a flight simulator, not an arcade game. Surely, Microsobo can provide us with a choice as to what to download, apart from mandatory files.

I am not interested in sight seeing (though I know others are, which is fine) thank you, nor of playing silly arcade games on what was billed as a ‘simulator for simmers’.

Please, give us a choice…unless you are incapable of doing so Microsobo.


As stated before, go to the in-game content manager and delete any package you don’t want.

The point is we don’t want to waste time and bandwidth downloading it.


With respect, you have entirely missed the point…and so have the devs.

I shouldn’t have to download all that rubbish in the first
place if I’m not going to use it.