Do SU11 introduced Helicopter Rotors animate correctly in Multiplayer

Great to see so many NEW Helicopters being flown in MP – but – I have yet to see any of their Rotors turning (animated) when I see them in Multilplayer ( I see Prop plan’s props turning OK)

BUG, or some incorrect setting on my system ?


So – all those that kept saying “WE “NEED” helicopters” for “Years” - finally have them introduced officially with SU11.

What surprises me, is that they are now not a mass of complaints, and pilots saying " But we ALSO want our Rotors to rotate in MP"

How could helicopters have taken so long to get introduced, and then their Rotors don’t even animate in MP. ?

Total IMMERSION Killer, especially for those other pilots in MP, subjected to helicopters Buzzing them all the time,.

I don’t believe there is even ONE other MP “Flying Game” that has Helicopters, where the MP Rotors do not rotate … ??

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I think it might be just a relative lack of people so far being in a situation to observe this happening or not. Yesterday I was flying around for several hours in metro Phoenix and Los Angeles, and, while I saw a lot of multiplayer traffic nameplates of people flying the Bell 407 or the Cabri, IIRC I think I never was close enough to any of them to see more than their navigation and strobe lights from a distance.

Unfortunately, the rotor does not rotate in multiplayer mode. This needs to be fixed by the development team.

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Thanks for that feedback – which tends to confirm that it’s “NOT” a unique issue / bug on my PC …

There are also other MP Shared Animation issues with Planes, so now that it’s very clear that here is also an issue with Helicopter Rotors (That is difficult to miss/ignore), hopefully that will be addressed in the near future, as the helicopter Community become more vocal about it.

The GOOD news, is that , even in the current sim (Su10 / Su11), it “IS” possible to have any desired animation the developer chooses, to work correctly over Multiplayer, provided the developer codes it correctly to do so - as evident by the shared Multiplayer Animations of the WB-SIM C172 Enhancement Mod.


ie: Unique, developer added animations, shared over Multiplayer.
(Bent Prop, collapsed gear, etc )

Shared MP animations are NOT limited to those few already pre-defined by Asobo.

The Cabri G2 has working MP rotor animation. The 407 does not. Because the 407 uses Rotor RPM PCT, instead of ROTOR RPM in the code. Only one of them is synced. Rewriting it works :wink: