Do the world updates get updated?

When I installed the game about 6 months ago I dowloaded all the free world updates. Well today I got a notification in game that updates were available in the content manager so I went to check it out and there are updates for all of the world updates that have been released. Did all of these suddenly get updated or is something weird going on ?

They were updated when SU5 was released, probably as part of the optimizations were in the models/textures (for e.g. airport buildings, and perhaps the terrain mesh itself).

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Each World Update will be revisited in the future for further updates as the sim improves.

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SU5 brought in a lot of changes, and much of the old world update content needed to be readjusted to be SU5 compatible. Sounds like you hadn’t updated that content since the SU5 patch.

But to answer you, they didn’t update those content bundles with new content, improvements, etc. They just made them compatible with the new lower resolution meshes, models, textures and terrain with SU5.

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Check your Content Manager and see if anything you own is listed in the Updates Available section.

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