Do you have odyssey + and Reverb G2, please provide your feedback

I got the O+ with 2070S and I am totally satisfied with FS2020 in VR
Still I wonder how big is the gap in quality with the G2.
Is better clarity and less fps (G2) better than good quality and more fps (O+)?

If you have both headsets, your feedback will be very much appreciated

I have the Odyssey+ as well as the G2. I use the 3080 and performance is practically the same between both headsets yet the G2 by far makes everything in the sim look soo much better, actually real in some cases again both reach 30fps. Unfortunately I’ve only had about 1 hour in the sim with G2, because x570 motherboards glitch out and do not work properly with G2.
Even if for example you have Odyssey+ render quality at 80% or 90%, the Reverb G2 at 60% or 70% still looks way better.

I have the Odyssey+ and my medium rig (i7-3770 3.4, GTX1070, 32Gb RAM) runs very well in VR. Microsoft version (not Steam) and OpenXR for Developers set to 70 render, reproj always on. In game render 70 with TAA. Clouds on high. Don’t know my FPS, just happy it’s smooth and visually great. Still blurry glass cockpit but great steam gauges visibility.

I have an Odyssey+, which I generally love for VR games, but I’ve had no luck getting rid of the horrible (read: unplayable) juddering in Flight Simulator. :frowning_face:

I’ve tried OpenXR Dev Tools settings, the SteamVR version of OpenXR, all manner of recommended settings in the sim… nothing really works. If I set the rendering scale down to about 50 in the sim, then it’s pretty smooth, with only random stuttering, but of course, I can’t read any instruments unless I lean in so close that I hit my HMD up against my flight yoke and/or monitor. That’s not going to work.

I’ve read that the current version of nVidia drivers are causing the stuttering, but so far they haven’t figured out how to fix it.

RTX 2080

Have you had any blue screens or WMR crashes during game play? I am experiencing those with a similar set up.

As far as the drivers, did you revert to an older version?

I had one CDT during VR play on the day the VR update was released, but no problems like that since then.

I am using the latest nVidia driver (460.89, I think?), but I’m seeing other people report better results with older drivers, so I may try that since I feel like I’ve run out of other ideas.

if you have stutter, use an older nvidia driver, it fixed the issue for me

Anyone using G2 with 2070S, how good is the experience?

I have both the Odyssey+ and G2 as well. The difference in clarity and sharpness is amazing. With the Odyssey sometimes the gauges would be hard to read unless you “move closer”. This was perhaps less true for FS2020, but way more dramatic for XP11. The G2 is super clear. I’m still struggling with performance – it’s taken quite the hit since switching to the G2 with my measly RTX2070. Still looking through the sites from time to time to see if I can find a 3080. :slight_smile:
Besides MSFS, the G2 looks just much better in any games (even Beat Saber!). It’s also quite a bit lighter, which, in my case, seemed to make head movements much more jerky until I really tightened the G2 to my head.
In any case, I wouldn’t go back to the Odyssey+. I moved it to another PC in the house, and if the rest of the family doesn’t end up using it, I’ll probably sell it.

I upgraded from O+ to G2 on a 2070S (3900x, 32GB) – and I would never go back. The difference in clarity is night-and-day.

I found that the performance is similar, because I was pushing the SS so high on my O+ to get readable gauges.

The only things I preferred about my O+: it has much better black levels because of the OLED, and it was slightly more comfortable on the head yet less comfortable on the face, if that makes sense.

457.30 Was a huge improvement for me. Haven’t tried any other games since downgrading, however, so I can’t say whether it’s hurt me elsewhere (Cyberpunk, for example.)

It is my plan to upgrade to a G2 at some point in the near future, but for now the O+ will have to suffice. Good to know about the improvement with the older driver, but as you mentioned, I do have concerns about potentially degraded performance in other games, VR and 2D as well. As much as I enjoy VR gaming when I’m in the mood for it, I’d say at least 75% of my gaming is still 2D.

Just curious, going from the 110 degree FOV in the O+ to the narrower 88 degrees in the G2 didn’t bother you?

Depends on if you fly during the day only. I like night flights and Skyrim dungeons so I’m sticking with the OLED screens.

I definitely noticed it at first and was a bit surprised. That said, the increased clarity and bigger sweet spot were more than worth the trade off.

Of course now that you mention it I’m sure I’ll start noticing it and be annoyed by it :slight_smile:

I definitely miss the OLED.

Sorry dude.

Will there be an Odyssey 2? this is the question…


I have the Samsung Odessey +. I was hoping microsoft could add hand controller support as a priority. When using the mouse for cockpit button clicking it is cumberson, it is very unreliable. Thank you.

Oh, gosh, I hope not! lol

I’ve never been that critical of the FOV, but a friend of mine who has an Index is always going on about how the FOV is the key to truly immersive VR and he thinks even 110 degrees is too narrow. The two biggest issues I have with the Index are the external tracking units (would be nearly impossible to position properly in my current apartment) and the $1000 price tag.

Although I still haven’t reverted to the older nVidia drivers yet to see if they will help with the VR stuttering, I’m about ready to just give up on FS20 in VR and play on my 2K monitor, which still gives me a great simulation experience.

UPDATE: I watched a video on YT that shows a test of the FOV of the top VR headsets, and the G2’s actual FOV is 98 degrees, rather than 88. Likewise, the O+ actual FOV was measured at 102, and not 110. So, in the real world, it would only be a different of 4 degrees, which I could live with.

Out of curiosity, I flipped to the newest hotfix drivers – 460.97 – and performance immediately decreased. I went back to 457.30 and it was a noticeable improvement in performance. There must be something going on with those drivers.