Do you need the Xbox app to run the sim

I originally bought the sim from the Microsoft Store and downloaded it, and have been using it for at least a year or more. I never downloaded the Xbox app and it ran fine till recently,.now I get a warning message and the sim won’t load. One person has told me that I need the Xbox app but other sources have indicated otherwise. Which is true?

Yep. Xbox App and Gaming services “module” which downloads like a store app.

Install the xbox app.
Sign in and set it to start with windows and run in the background.

MS-Store Version:

  • xbox app
  • Gameing Services


  • xbox app
  • Game Services not necessary

I deleted the game and reinstalled it. Everything seems normal agail. I had copied my Community folder and restored it after the download… Glad to see that the
G 3000 is now part of the sim, not 3rd party.


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